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VP of the City Council; Robin Lumb, Bill Gulliford, and Clay Yarborough all Running for Job

Although you may not be aware of it, we have 3 folks who would like to be Vice President of the City Council during the next session.  Although I certainly have nothing against Robin Lumb and Bill Gulliford, both are new to council this year while Clay Yarborough is in his second term (so he has a history and it is true blue conservative).  Clay is the city councilman for my district, and I had the pleasure of working for his campaign this last time for both the primary and the actual run…


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TU: Jacksonville has time to make decision on 3 parking garages

This is something we may need to keep an eye on as it would mean the city buying up these 3 garages which takes them off the tax rolls.  Downtown has moved from contributing about 18% of the total tax revenue to around 3% of the tax revenue and here we go again.  These garages need to be sold to someone who can make a profitable go of them (perhaps if they charged something reasonable to park in them, someone might park in them??).  From my personal experience one evening when I…


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Public sector abuses a growing problem for cities and states

Its no wonder cities and states are broke with abuses like this going on.Here are 3 that I have seen covered in just the past week or so.




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Washington Post: Senate Dems begin push to repeal federal marriage law

Since Obama has refused to enforce the laws of this country, including DOMA, I can well understand this move.  I guess they would also think it might get them support and votes from the gay community even if they can's get it through the house??


By Stephen Dinan



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Rasmussen: Voters Lukewarm Towards Eliminating Cabinet Departments to Reduce Spending

This must be changed, because the federal government is deeply involved in things that are NOT things they should be involved in at all. Most people do not realize the federal government should not be involved in some of what they are involved in.  Many of the functions the feds have taken over are STATE issues and should be handled at the STATE level.  How do we make people realize…


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Newsmax: Thomas Sowell: Washington's Meddling Wrecking Economy

Mr. Sowell is a straight talking economist who is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institute and has won awards, knocks it out of the ball partk again by putting the problem where the problem is.  Washington and politicians!


Economist and author Thomas Sowell tells Newsmax that banks and businesses are sitting on piles of cash because they’re concerned about “what new bright idea” Washington might come up with to…


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Expose Obama: Even Occupy Wall Street Says,Impeach Obama

I am just lovin it.  Imagine him supporting this group when some wish to have him impeached (sounds like a stellar idea to me)...................


October 26, 2011

Ben Johnson,The White House Watch

Even controlled opposition occasionally strays from script. This website has described Occupy Wall Street as a latent menace,an…


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The 39 Days of the Brave: - Daniel Carroll Day 15

Daniel Carroll


Daniel Carroll represented Maryland as a delegate to the Constitutional Convention of 1787 at the age of 57. Carroll was born of a prominent family in Maryland on July 22, 1730 and was educated at the College of Saint Omer in the Netherlands. He was well experienced politically at the time of the Convention, having served in a number of important positions. Carroll was a past member of the Confederation Congress and the Executive Council…


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The 39 Days of the Brave: - John Rutledge Day 14

Constitution Signer


John Rutledge


John Rutledge was a lawyer, statesman, judge, governor, devote husband, and father.


Did something ever happen to you that made you feel that your life was more than just a random event?  I'm sure John Rutledge felt that way when he, on his 50th birthday, was one of the signers of the foundational law of our nation.

"J.R" (can I call…


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What? Wall street doesn't dominate the top 1%? But the occupiers told us they did?!?!?!


Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that we never hear the occupy crowd complain about the millionares in Hollyweird??Micheal Moore provides a great example of that mindset http://dailycaller.com/2011/10/25/michael-moore-repeatedly-refuses-to-admit-he-is-in-the-1-percent/

If we were to go solely on the information provided by the .0099%ers one would think the…


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The Demands of Occupy Wall Street have now been published

Here they are.  Shall we give them their demands?  


From the Occupy Wall Street website, via Picket and Loesch:…


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Bill to Promote Homosexuality in Public Schools Introduced in Congress

by Bill Korach.

Congressman Jared Polis (D-CO) introduced HR 998 the so-called “Student Non-discrimination Act.” Polis, an openly practicing homosexual, has 147 co-sponsors-all Democrats. The deceptively named bill will, in effect mandate that public schools teach and promote homosexual and lesbian behavior. Effectively HR 998 will require instruction in the entire gay agenda…


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Fox: College Student Credited With Uncovering Possible Election Fraud in Indiana's 2008 Primary

Kados to this fine young college student!   And how many other states did this happen in that we may never find out about?


By Eric Shawn

Published October 18, 2011

| FoxNews.com

Shocking election…


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Support the candidate of your choice NOW!

There has been much discussion within the Tea Party about whether or not the Tea Party should endorse candidates.  Correct me if I am wrong, the current wisdom is that we should not support a candidate in the primary.   I understand the perspective and as the Tea Party it makes sense.


As a patriot, who believes in smaller government, less regulation and a balanced budget, it does not make sense for me however!


While the Tea Party may not be able to take a…


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Steve Jobs: Break Teacher’s Union or No Hope for School Reform

25 October 2011

By Bill Korach

In the new bio Steve Jobs,  by Walter Isaacson, Jobs says: ” Until teacher’s unions were broken, there was almost no hope for educational reform.” By any measurement, Jobs made Apple a phenomenal success. Apple’s market value is greater than any company on the face of the earth including Exxon. Apple’s products are hot and the Apple stores are packed even the middle of a sluggish economy.…


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Loving America

I had a friend who was in the Event Planning business.  He helped me plan a big event for the “grand opening” of my consulting practice ten years ago this month.  He was a perfectionist and was well known in the event planning world nationwide.  He is a master at planning a party.


When the night came for our “grand opening” at a local club, he showed up after the other invitees were already enjoying the party.  I…


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Amenders for Federal Spending Control; The Plan

I thought this was really interesting and well thought out.  I can see it making sense to do, but I would allow the current stucture of the state (be it the governor or the state legislature) set the amount for each of the states..............since they will not know where it would be spent and would have no say over how it would be spent, it might work.  What say you?



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Wake Up Call! Vatican Calls for an End to National Sovereignty

Choice among the quotes is this beauty..

"Of course, this transformation will be made at the cost of a gradual, balanced transfer of a part of each nation's powers to a world authority and to regional authorities, but this is necessary at a time when the dynamism of human society and the economy and the progress of technology are transcending borders, which are in fact already very eroded in a globalised world."




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The 39 Days of the Brave: - Robert Morris Day 16

Constitution Signers


Robert Morris

By Bill Korach


Morris was born to Robert Morris, Sr. and Elizabeth Murphet in Liverpool, England, on January 20, 1734. At the age of 13 Morris moved to Oxford, Maryland, where he lived with his father, Robert Morris, a tobacco…


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Republicans to email on City Council

Sorry, I know you could have used this information yesterday...

Here are the Republicans on City Council that should be voting with their party for the good of our City.  Below the list are their email addresses to copy and paste to let them know how excited you are that they have the opportunity to represent you by voting in a conservative leader who shares our values, which is why you voted for…


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