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Gun Control Again

A mass shooting occurred at Ft. Hood in Texas.  We will have more “gun control” speeches by politicians who pretend the 2nd Amendment doesn’t exist.  Eliminating assault weapons and limiting the size of ammunition clips won’t stop these murders.

The real solutions are keeping guns away from mental patients, criminals, and terrorists.  Since these are impossible, the only solution is self…


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The Debt 2

Assume there were reasonable restrictions on how much money the government could spend (like a balanced budget requirement and a debt ceiling that couldn’t be changed every day).  The 536 people we’ve sent to Washington wouldn’t have the money to wage a war.  They would have to make a decision on whether  to spend money on additional unemployment benefits or the $100 million it spends every four years to subsidize parties at the political conventions.

Taking away their credit card and…


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The Debt

A Nation of Ostriches

We totally ignore the massive $17 trillion debt that our government has run up.  We see it on TV 10 times a day while they sell gold or silver.  Have you seen real news about the debt on TV or in the paper.  Have you heard any Congressman or Senator or the President talk about how we’re going to pay this back?  Not likely and here’s why!

Consider the $17 Trillion as a mortgage that has to be paid over the next 30 years.  The annual payment at 1% interest…


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Unemployment Insurance Extension

The Social Security Act, which contains provisions for old age insurance, welfare, and unemployment insurance, was signed into law in 1935.  It makes no sense to define a change in a 75 year old program as “emergency” and therefore not subject to the same funding requirements as any other legislation.
We need safety net programs to help people who have been unable to find work.  However, no…

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Budget Committee

This Washington Post headline “Expected budget deal amounts to a cease-fire on debt” proves once again that Congress is either incompetent or doesn’t care what happens to this country.  How could this group of men and women possibly reduce budget cuts already in place?  How could they approve a budget that has another $6 Trillion in deficit spending?  Don’t they know that $23 Trillion in debt will overwhelm our economic underpinning?  Don’t they care that the middle class will be devastated…


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Who is to blame

Who’s to blame for the Government Shutdown?

Our system of government only works when our elected representatives are willing to compromise.  Both sides negotiate and make concessions to find the middle ground.  In this case, the sides started pretty far apart.  Republicans believe that Obamacare is the worst law ever passed by our government.  Their starting point was the full repeal.  Democrats believe that Obamacare is the salvation of the nation.  Their…


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National Debt Clock


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Here are the Republicans on City Council that should be voting with their party for the good of our City.  Below the list are their email addresses to copy and paste to let them know how excited you are that they have the opportunity to represent you by voting in a conservative leader who shares our values, which is why you voted for…


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