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Who are the real fascists?

Following sent to letters at Florida Times-Union   August 17, 2017:

Black Lives Matter and Antifa have a long history of disrupting, with violence, gatherings of anyone that opposes their ideology. They have rioted, set fires, broken store windows, assaulted police, and beaten citizens. They are known for their chant, “Pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon.” 

They showed up at the Charlottesville demonstration equipped with baseball…


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The left and the media score a huge hit on conservatives

Following sent to letters at Florida Times-Union   August 19, 2017

The left and the media have succeeded in conflating conservative speakers, conservative and free speech demonstrations with racism, white supremacy, the KKK, and Nazism. 

It will become impossible for conservatives to secure a venue and speak. Exactly who are the fascists?

God save America.

Michael Pelt

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City council president honest about statues issue?

Following sent to letters at Florida Times-Union   August 21, 2017

In her letter published by the Times-Union (August, 20 – page E-4), City Council President Anna Lopez Brosche wrote that she respects and appreciates the divergent perspectives regarding Confederate memorials. She wrote, “I look forward to continuing to hear from all of Jacksonville.” The obvious implication was that Ms. Brosche wanted citizen input before deciding the…


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Political Correctness

We just spent six months agonizing over who can use whose bathrooms.

Now we will obsess for another six months or longer over 100 year old statues.

This from the greatest, most advanced nation the world has ever produced.

America has lost its soul on the altar of political correctness.


Lord knows I try, but it’s hard to be cynical enough.

Michael Pelt

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It does not matter which party is in power. Whether it is Democrats or Republicans who control the Presidency or Congress, their policies concerning immigration ARE THE SAME.  When a small town in the Midwest or elsewhere in America says they do  not want any Moslem "refugees", the Federal Government says: Tough luck, we are the law of the land and you have to obey what we dictate. You will accommodate the wishes of the UN and you WILL…


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This is not to say the white protesters in Charlottesville are all nice people , but to say that the counter protesters ARE A LOT WORSE and a greater danger to American society and the Trump administration. The media and even  Republicans were very quick to label the white protesters as White Nationalists (which, I believe, there is NOTHING wrong with that), Neo-Nazis, KKK, racists, haters and bigots. But they fail to lay any blame…


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Collecting for our Bahamian Neighbors

Good morning!

We spent last week wondering if we would be hit by Hurricane Dorian.  Thankfully we were spared.  However, the Bahamas were not so lucky.  I am sure you have seen the devastation there.

My daughter has a friend (a nurse) who is arranging multiple trips to the area and will be collecting supplies to take to those areas.  If you would like to help, we will collect things at…


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