City council president honest about statues issue?

Following sent to letters at Florida Times-Union   August 21, 2017

In her letter published by the Times-Union (August, 20 – page E-4), City Council President Anna Lopez Brosche wrote that she respects and appreciates the divergent perspectives regarding Confederate memorials. She wrote, “I look forward to continuing to hear from all of Jacksonville.” The obvious implication was that Ms. Brosche wanted citizen input before deciding the future of the memorials. You know the theory; in a democracy, elected officials represent the will of the people. According to numerous polls, the people want the memorials to stay; 62% stay, 27% move. 

I felt pretty good about Ms. Brosche’s position regarding the memorials; at least for a few seconds anyway; until I read the TU editorial on the same page.

The editorial stated that Ms. Brosche intends to introduce legislation to have the memorials moved. 

I’ll cop to being a simple man. But I just don’t understand why Ms. Brosche presents herself to be open minded and willing to listen to citizens when she has already made her decision. 

I’ve sent Ms. Brosche a copy of this letter. If she responds, perhaps the TU will print it.

Michael Pelt



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