This is not to say the white protesters in Charlottesville are all nice people , but to say that the counter protesters ARE A LOT WORSE and a greater danger to American society and the Trump administration. The media and even  Republicans were very quick to label the white protesters as White Nationalists (which, I believe, there is NOTHING wrong with that), Neo-Nazis, KKK, racists, haters and bigots. But they fail to lay any blame on the COUNTER PROTESTERS or to label them in any way. So I will label the counter protesters myself. They are the anarchists, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Globalists, COMMUNISTS, open border proponents, white haters, police haters, anti-Christian, anti-American, REAL haters, REAL bigots, and most of all EMPLOYEES of George Soros, Obama and Hillary, PAID PROFESSIONAL AGITATORS.

Can anyone recall an  incident where White Supremacists held a demonstration ALL BY THEMSELVES and destroyed private and public property or threatened the life of a speaker at a college campus? Can you tell me of any country on planet earth controlled by Neo-Nazis or the KKK? The answer is NO, which means they are no threat to the American people or to any other country in the world.

The real  threat to America are the anarchists, Communists, Moslems, Globalists, illegal aliens, the liberal media,  the Democrat Party and way too many RINOs. The Nazis killed about 3 to 6 million Jews and other Europeans during WWII, but they are not killing anyone NOW. Communists and Moslems have killed over 100 million people, and are still killing, enslaving, raping and torturing millions as we speak right now. They would like to destroy the US and take over the rest of the world.

There is one simple way to stop them, just cut off their funding by arresting and prosecuting Soros, Obama, and Hillary. Also, many more agitators who break any law should be arrested on the spot, prosecuted and punished severely so they learn not to do it again. Shame on AG Jeff Sessions for not having taken action on this from the day he took office. He has allowed a Special Investigation against Trump , but will do nothing to DEFEND Trump by investigating and prosecuting Trump's enemies who are the ones responsible for the current chaos..

I feel sorry for Pres. Trump because not a single Republican member of Congress, including those in Northeast Fla, has  supported him in condemning the counter protesters. They are very quick and explicit in condemning the Neo-Nazis and KKK, but say NOTHING or place no blame on the Alt-Left groups mentioned above which are the REAL ENEMY, AND THE REAL HATERS AND BIGOTS.

This is my opinion and I am sticking to it.     

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