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We are all aware that what happens in one county will likely spread to another. We need to stick together in Floirda.

Palm Beach County Commissions Resolution Supporting Obama’s Immigration Executive Order on Immigration.


Please call the Commissioners listed below and tell them the to vote NO on this Resolution!!

The Palm Beach County Tea Party needs your help in sending this out to all your family and friends in Palm Beach County and around the state. Call the commissioners and ask them to vote no or attend the meeting. Tuesday November 3 the Palm Beach County commission will meet to vote on a Resolution Supporting Obama’s Immigration Executive Order on Immigration.

When: Tuesday, November 3 at 5pm
Where: 301 N Olive 6th Fl, West Palm Beach

Read Resolution at this link
Palm Beach County Tea Party

IMMIGRATION is the most important issue we must pay attention to. Read below the news story on refugees coming into Palm Beach County and the sanctuary cites and counties right next door to Martin county.

We reported back in September about a news report from CBS 12 on refugees that will be coming into Palm Beach county. The report said.

“When you’re talking about asylees and refugees, we see them from all around the world, from Iraq, Egypt, Afghanistan, Burma, we have all of that in Palm Beach County,” said Aimee Cernicharo. She is a member of St. Thomas University School of Law’s Human Rights Institute and a member of the Palm Beach Refugee Task Force.
The task force is comprised of members of dozens of different community service agencies, each involved in assisting refugees acclimate to life in the United States.
The federal government provides the state, through Florida’s Department of Children and Families, more than $80 million for those programs.
According to the U.S. Office of Refugee Resettlement, Florida’s refugee program remains one of the largest in the nation. According to ORR stats, 32,717 refugees came to Florida in 2014; 22,356 so far in the year 2015.
Among the aid, the programs provide temporary financial assistance, medical care and education through programs like “Project Transition”.
Read More at link

We also sent out the list of sanctuary cities and counties in Florida. Jupiter is right next door to Martin County.
Broward Co., FL

DeLeon Springs, FL
Deltona, FL
Herando Co.

Hillsborough Co., FL

Jupiter, FL

Lake Worth, FL

Miami, FL
Miami-Dade Co., FL

Palm Beach Co., FL

Pasco Co., FL

Pinellas Co., FL

Please read former US House Rep.Tom Tancredo piece in Breitbart. During the Bush administration he was one of the leaders fighting against illegal immigration that Karl Rove and the DC Globalist, Corporatist, Open Border, Us Chamber of Commerce, establishment machine pushed for. Nothing has Changed and they are still trying to trick spin and lie to get there establishment candidate elected. Read what Tom Tancredo has to say.

Former Congressman: I’m Quitting GOP

Former Congressman: I’m Quitting GOP
by Tom Tancredo30 Oct 2015

In a panel discussion at the University of Colorado after the recent Republican debate, I was asked by a student why she should be a Republican. The question forced me to ask myself the same thing.

I gave the young woman the standard talking points–that Republicans believe in smaller government, individual rights, fiscal responsibility, and free enterprise. But as I drove home, her question–and my inability to respond with any level of real conviction–got me thinking: Does the Republican Party leadership fight for these values and principles today?

After much thought, I reluctantly concluded that the answer is “no.” The proudly socialist Democrats are full of passionate intensity, while the Republican leadership is full of pathetic excuses. After this week’s House GOP “budget deal,” which betrays nearly every promise made to grassroots conservatives since 2010, I have decided it is time to end my affiliation with the Republican Party.

This decision has been incubating over the past 17 years, years of watching the downward spiral of the Party of Lincoln and Reagan into the Party of Democrat Lite.
•As a Member of Congress for ten years (1998-2008), I was subjected to threats and pressures from the Congressional Leadership and President George W. Bush to support the creation of an expensive Medicare prescription drug program–even though creating a new government spending program financed by massive debt flies in the face of the Republican Party’s core principles.
•Our most powerful and influential “leaders” were shoving this down our throats in a crass political effort to use taxpayer money to buy the votes of senior citizens–particularly in the state of Florida in the next presidential election.
•I was incredulous about the fact that the most intense lobbying I had ever seen undertaken by our “leadership” was not an effort to limit government or the dollars it spends; it was to do just the opposite.
•That incident came just months after I was told by President Bush’s top political operative, Karl Rove, “never to darken the door of the White House again” because of my criticism of the administration’s dangerously lax immigration policies in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

When I first arrived in the U.S. House of Representatives, I naively believed that it was primarily the Democrats who were committed to open borders. But I quickly learned the entire Republican establishment also supported a policy of immigration non-enforcement.

I was repeatedly pulled into the office of the then-Majority Leader, Tom DeLay, and threatened with dire consequences if I continued to speak out publicly for common-sense immigration policies and true border security – particularly if I was doing so in the districts of other Republican Members of Congress.

For most of those years after 2000, we had a Republican President and a Republican-controlled Congress, but the conservative agenda was largely ridiculed and abandoned.

Across America, in every state, countless hardworking Americans have taken time away from their families and their jobs to volunteer on political campaigns– knocking on doors, making phone calls and talking to neighbors – all to support the effort to beat back the Obama agenda. In 2010, that grassroots effort resulted in the Republican takeover in the House. In 2014, it resulted in Republicans sweeping to power in the U.S. Senate – and the largest House majority since Herbert Hoover was President.

Yet, despite these historic gains, nothing changed. The GOP neither advanced a conservative agenda nor checked the radical “transformative” agenda of Barack Obama. We got condescending lip service, and nothing more.
•Promises have been broken and principles abandoned, while millions of American families watched their dreams slip further and further out of reach.
•Republican congressional leaders maneuvered to deliver votes to fund President Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty order, and more recently, his unprecedented job-killing EPA rules.
•They have voted twice in four years to violate the very modest, bipartisan caps on spending put in place with the laughably-named “Budget Control Act” in 2011 — and now have abandoned the caps completely.
•They have voted to continue funding what is essentially a $500 million macabre earmark for abortion provider Planned Parenthood.
•They have voted to fund Obamacare, and despite promises, have never passed a complete repeal of the PPACA.
•No one has been held accountable for the outrageous IRS and VA scandals.
•And now, as icing on the poisoned cake, House Republicans have elected a Speaker who was not asked to renounce his commitment to open borders and amnesty, policies which will betray the values of 75% of the party and give Democrats a permanent electoral majority within a decade.

Even in foreign policy the Republican Party leadership has deceived those who elected them by engineering passage of the pathetic Corker/Cardin amendment – which greased the skids for President Obama’s flawed Iran deal to clear Congress without having to meet 67 vote threshold for ratification that the constitution requires for binding international treaties. No one will be surprised if they do the same thing with the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership.
•Republicans are repeatedly asked to capitulate today in exchange for better options tomorrow.
•After the next election, after we win one more office or a few more seats – then, after that next election conservative reforms will be considered.
•Somehow, that brighter tomorrow never comes.

But times have changed. In 2010, the Republican rank and file stopped drinking the Kool Aid and started demanding accountability. And demanding results. The conservative electorate that elected Republican majorities is tired of capitulation.

The conservative majority in the Republican Party wants leaders who will stand and fight, leaders who will be as passionate about advancing an American agenda as President Obama and the Left are at advancing the global socialist agenda.
•Grassroots Republicans want Republican leaders who are as assertive and consistent in pushing a policy agenda as Senator Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV)
was when Democrats controlled the Senate. They should use tools like Budget Reconciliation aggressively, adding conditions to spending bills and legislative initiatives that the White House wants.
•That hardball approach is the only way to deal with an imperial President and make good on the many promises that Republican politicians have made to Americans.

Sadly, it has become obvious that the Republican establishment simply has no intention of ever fulfilling promises made in platforms and campaign speeches. To their mind, there are elections, and then there is “governing,” and governing to them means not messing with a gargantuan government on autopilot.
•The Republican establishment does not want to control spending.
•It does not want to secure the borders or enforce immigration laws.
•It does not care about American sovereignty.
•It has no interest in ending the unaccountable and corrupt culture that has become a hallmark of official Washington.

By insulting the grassroots, the GOP leadership has set upon a suicide mission. The problem is that failed leadership is allowing Obama to destroy the Constitution and take the whole country down the drain. Well, count me out.

The Boehner budget deal is the last straw, and enough is enough. I cannot any longer defend this transparently dishonest charade called the Republican Party.

What I will do instead is join the largest political group in the nation, unaffiliated Independents. In Colorado, they outnumber both “major” political parties.

The next day I will begin working my tail off for the next twelve months to organize Independents to help elect Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)

as President of the United States. Cruz is the only candidate who both understands the left’s agenda and has demonstrated the courage to fight for our liberties, our sovereignty, and the survival of constitutional government.

Immigrants caught at border believe families can stay in US


WASHINGTON (AP) — Hundreds of immigrant families caught illegally crossing the Mexican border told U.S. immigration agents they made the dangerous journey in part because they believed they would be permitted to stay in the United States and collect public benefits, according to internal intelligence files from the Homeland Security Department.

The interviews with immigrants by federal agents were intended to help the Obama administration understand what might be driving a puzzling surge in the numbers of border crossings that started over the summer. The explanations suggest the U.S. government's efforts to discourage illegal crossings may have been unsuccessful. Its efforts have included public service campaigns in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala to highlight the dangers and consequences of making the trek across Mexico to cross illegally into the United States.

The Associated Press obtained copies of the interview summaries, which were compiled in reports by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection's Office of Intelligence. They said hundreds of people traveling as part of families consistently cited opportunities to obtain permission to stay in the U.S., claim asylum and receive unspecified benefits. Immigrants spoke of "permisos," or a pass to come into the United States.

The report "is not intended to be a comprehensive analysis of the situation," said department spokeswoman Marsha Catron, adding that troubles in the immigrants' home countries likely contributed to their flight as well.

Although the Obama administration has explained that immigrants who cross the U.S. border illegally can be deported, lengthy backlogs of more than 456,000 cases mean that immigrants can effectively remain in the U.S. for years before a judge decides whether they should leave the country. Also, recent court rulings have complicated the government's plans to hold families in immigration jails pending deportation proceedings. Immigrants living in the U.S. illegally generally are not eligible for public benefits, except that children may receive free or reduced meals in public schools.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said the rising number of border crossings by families and children was due to "push factors" in Central America, such as crime and violence. He said the Obama administration wants to invest $1 billion in Central America to address the underlying problems that push families and children out of Central America.

"We need to expand on this and ... we need to make the hard investment," Johnson said Thursday at an academic conference at the Georgetown University Law Center.

Federal agents interviewed 345 people traveling with family members between July 7 and Sept. 30, according to the five-page report obtained by the House Judiciary Committee and shared with the AP. The interviews did not focus on what prompted the immigrants to leave their home countries, though many did mention gang and family violence as factors.

"This internal Border Patrol document shows that the Obama administration's lax immigration policies are the culprit for the ongoing surge at our borders," said Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., chairman of the Judiciary Committee.

Last year, the administration coped with an unprecedented spike in children and families. By the end of the 2014 budget year, more than 136,000 people traveling as families and unaccompanied children had been caught crossing the border illegally. The numbers had dipped this year, with 79,808 people caught at the border. But the figures surged again during the last three months of this budget year.

Although the administration opened two new detention centers in Texas to hold thousands of immigrants, a federal judge in California ruled in August that the facilities violated a long-standing legal agreement that stipulates that immigrant children cannot be held in unlicensed secured facilities. U.S. District Judge Dolly Gee ordered the department to release the children, with their mothers when possible, "without unnecessary delay" and gave the department until this month to comply.

The administration has appealed that ruling, though before Gee's order was issued, Johnson had already announced plans to make it easier for families to be released on bond after being caught at the border.

Most of the immigrants interviewed, or 181 of them, said reports about the release of immigrant families influenced their decision to come to the U.S.


Please make the Commission aware of your positions – either by attending the meeting and speaking out, emailing the Commission at and by making your friends and organizations aware.

District 1 - Commissioner Hal R. Valeche
(561) 355-2201

District 2 - Commissioner Paulette Burdick
(561) 355-2202

District 3 - Commissioner Shelley Vana - Mayor
(561) 355-2203

District 4 - Commissioner Steven L. Abrams
(561) 355-2204 • 276-1220 (South Cty)

DISTRICT 5 - COMMISSIONER Mary Lou Berger - Vice Mayor
(561) 355-2205 • 276-1310 (South Cty)

(561) 355-2206

District 7 - Commissioner Priscilla A. Taylor
(561) 355-2207 • (561) 276-1350 (South Cty)

Thank you for taking action on this issue.

For future reference this information is available on the main page of the website at:



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“A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation.”
  Ronald Reagan

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Comment by Franklin W. on November 2, 2015 at 7:49am

The American people have been betrayed by their government for the past 80 years......

Democrats willingly...

Republicans foolishly...

Conservatives knowingly...

I was once a Democrat.  The party moved away from me.  

I have been a Republican.  That party has moved away from me. Taking the Tea Party with them.

I am an American citizen with no representation in my government.

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