I am deeply saddened by the fact 27 innocent people were killed and their families will mark this Christmas holiday and future years with the sadness of having lost these loved ones.  I would agree the crime committed in Sandy Hook Elementary school was a travesty, but it was committed by an unbalanced person and not by the gun or guns he used, and society at large is not at fault.  A very sick, criminal perpetrated the crime.
Ronald Reagan warned about blaming society at large when he said "We must reject the idea that every time a law's broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the precept that each individual is accountable for his actions."   To make that point, I was equally disturbed when within an hour after the taking of so many little innocent lives at Sandy Hook, Mr. Obama stood before the American people once again threatening to hold society accountable by taking our gun rights away, and putting forth his best performance yet as a caring human being who genuinely mourned the loss of all these innocent children and yet, he and his wife want partial birth abortion to become legal and have killed thousands of innocent children through abortion in the last 4 years.  What about all those innocent lives lost?  I will not be fooled by this man's feined sympathy during this horrid event.
I think it well to mention the total lack of any outrage when knives are used as a weapon, or box cutters, or cars, or planes (9/11) or countless other items.  I pray Mr. Obama and the progressive contingent in Washington and elsewhere do not try to use this "crisis" to try to ram through the UN treaty to disarm Americans through unless, that is, they also willing to outlaw knives, box cutters, cars, planes (9/11) and several other items that are instrumental as aids in the killing of people of all ages when put in the hands of those lost soles of society with warped minds.
It is time for Americans to come together and realize it is the total loss of morality in a Godless society created by the very people who are in charge of our once great country that have brought us to the horrific events like Sandy Hill and not the guns the progressive movement wants to remove from the hands of innocent Americans.  The one and only reason these same progressives need to disarm us is so we can't fight against their plans to turn our country into a communist nightmare and our country into their personal cash cow and all of us into their personal money slaves.

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Comment by Patricia M. McBride on December 16, 2012 at 6:00pm
Nearly 100,000 people are shot in this country every year.
This may or may not be a horrific number depending on how many of these are drug dealers and fellow criminals (not that I would wish anyone dead, but certainly it will cut that number by some amount to those who live violent lives and who expect to die by the same).
For those of you who listened to Obumbler speak about 1 hour after the mass shooting at the school in Conn., you will remember he said the frequency of such shootings was on the rise, and he was going to do something about it. By that, I assume, he meant he is going to impose gun control in this country in direct violation of our second amendment rights. Well, this information comes from someone who has been studying studying this issue for over 30 years, and NO, mass shooting are not on the increase at all. Guess Obama is so used to lying, he didn't think anyone would question yet another lie (perhaps he was having a "the video made them do it moment").
The article has been posted as a separate blog "No mass shooting are not on the rise".
Comment by Patricia M. McBride on December 16, 2012 at 5:42pm

Europe is a lot less religious than our country, with fewer guns and more socialism, yet their gun deaths are a fraction of ours. How does that make sense?

According to an article I read today that was written by a Brit, gun deaths have gone up 40% since guns were outlawed.  So, apparently taking guns away from the general public who do not break laws is not working out real well?  I least that is my take!


Comment by Patricia M. McBride on December 16, 2012 at 9:12am

Michelle Obama is a racist............have you not read anything at all she has said or even what she has written.  In fact both of the Obama are extremely racist along with many of the folks they have chosen to run departments.  Listen to what they say and watch what they do.  And no Amanda, I am not the one who is envious................my parents taught me the grass is not always greener and not to covet (something many Americans apparently have never learned in spite of calling themselves Christians which is a bit of a joke considering).  The rest of your post is part of the blame game liberals play and thanks but no thanks, I will not be playing the game with you.  And yes, I suggested we might arm teachers.................not "should" arm teachers, but I guess that is the liberal in you.  Heaven knows twisting words is their favorite passtime.  You better explain how making everyone equally poor and destroying the military is going to be helpful to our country, but better still, don't bother if you use it as another opportunity to play the liberal game........................I have things to do today and don't have time to waste reading another of your tirades.

Comment by amanda choate on December 16, 2012 at 8:49am
You exactly said that we should arm teachers. Don't you even read your own posts. Disregard the numbers if you will, but the economics of 100,000 people being shot every year is staggering. And Michelle Obama isn't racist, the man she married is half white. Maybe she is envious of whites. You sure are obsessed with Michelle, maybe you are envious.
Do not blame people who voted for Obama, blame republicans for running a man who had flip flopped on every issue. Not some issues, every issue. McCain lost credbility when he selected Palin and ran around with his hair on fire during the market crash. Do not blame Americans, Republicans failed huge in saying what they were for other than having the government force you to bear the child of your rapist, declaring that everyone who received a government benefit, from social security and medicare to veterans benefits were leeches destroying this country, that student loans should be an entitlement to banks that the government insures and that our enviroment is best served by allowing polluters carte blanche. That is what they ran on and yet they couldn't imagine losing the White House and seats in both houses. Why? Because they believed pollsters who took real data and weighted it in such a way to give them the results they desired. It is crazy. And now it is the fault of voters. Are you mad? Dick Morris took in hundreds of thousands of dollars to help Republicans get elected and kept it l for himself. Karl Rove spent 400 million dollars and did not produce anything other than riches for himself. Romney spent through September 132 million on consulting fees, Obama spent 6 million. Republicans just enriched themselves. The whole conservative movement is populated by people who are only interested in getting rich, not building a better party or nation.
Comment by Patricia M. McBride on December 16, 2012 at 6:46am

Well, from your comments Amanda, it is clear you think the second amendment should be thrown in the trash along with everything else this president has thrown in the trash.  I know he doesn't care, because the tax payers spent 1.4 billion supporting this leach and his racist wife the last year, so he is living the high life he or maybe I should say they always thought they were entitled to, but the rest of us are trying to live in reality, and his alternate reality is clearly very different from those who are struggling to get by.  Gun sales have sky rocketed since this man took office and have gone through the roof since the parasites, illegal aliens, mentally ill and uninformed put him back in for 4 more years.  What he wants is not important to me since he was only just elected to uphold the constitution and be a stable level voice in the world for our country..................something he has failed at miserably on both counts.  He came in thinking he was a ruler/dictator/king when the president of our country was never, ever meant to be any of those things.  He has tried writing law into executive orders and bullied and humiliated people who work hard and have been successful, and now, he wants to take guns away from people.  These are the very guns the founders wanted in the hands of the people in the event we got someone just like Obama and had to take our country back away from them!

Comment by Patricia M. McBride on December 15, 2012 at 8:08pm

I am not saying we arm teachers, but I am saying that was a solution that worked for Israel and has STOPPED the attacks on schools, because they are no longer gun free zones.  An armed guard?  Someone mentioned that in a blog.  This young man literally broke into the school somehow, because he could not have gotten let in.  How and where was the weak spot?  Should that spot have existed?  Don't go ballistic on me Amanda, you are bright enough to be able to think what could be done, because quite obviously taking guns away from the majority who are law abiding because you think it will stop the law breakers isn't going to work either.  It just makes it unsafe for everyone then.

Comment by amanda choate on December 15, 2012 at 7:54pm
Teachers with guns! You called them union thugs before now you want them packing heat. Not sending my kids to schools where guns are being carried. Owning a gun raises your liklihood of being shot more than anything else.
Comment by amanda choate on December 15, 2012 at 7:51pm
Nearly 100,000 people are shot in this country every year. We can do better. The ideal is that we can all keep and bear arms, but reality shows that we live in country ravaged by gun violence. These didn't all occur in gun free zones, they happened everywhere. No one needs an assault rifle to protect their home or hunt. They are made for murder and mayhem. They are guns of war, not of a society. We must do better. We must end this culture of guns.
Comment by Patricia M. McBride on December 15, 2012 at 6:47pm

We have had many shooting in the gun free zones ie schools, so what another article suggests is we stop making them gun free and arm teachers pretty much as we now arm pilots on commercial airlines. 

Schools should immediately develop a program where every teacher is trained in how to handle a firearm. All teachers must comply to get hired. If Israel can do it, why not America? Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America wrote the following in 2008: “In the mid-seventies, a terrorist attacked an Israeli school bus, murdering over 30 children. . . . A majority of Israelis . . . found a compelling reason for putting guns in schools — terrorists would get guns whether Jews were armed or not. As a result, schools in border areas, and school buses, were manned with gun-toting teachers or others assigned to be at the ready.”

Signs should be posted around the school that read:

“The teachers and administrators of this school are armed and trained in deadly force. Anybody attempting to enter the school intending to do harm will be shot on sight.”

Instead, if a student draws what looks like a gun, he’ll be suspended for ten days.

And what should we do with those who are involved in a murder spree? They should be executed. The man who shot and killed a number of people at Gabrielle Gifford’s campaign rally and the man who killed the people in the movie theater are still alive.

There is no doubt that these men killed these people. Their mental state, either before or after the shootings, is irrelevant. They should be dead by now.

We need some public executions to send a message.

Let’s stop blaming law-abiding citizens and go after the criminals.

Comment by Patricia M. McBride on December 15, 2012 at 6:44pm

Oh, Amanda there was plenty that could have been done but disarming folks isn't the answer.

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