And we are aborting 100s of thousands of Christian you really believe it is not by design?

Please think about the push to abort American Christian babies and babies all over the world in primarily Christian countries, but please note Muslims are reproducing at alarming rates (by design).  And now, her highness, queen michelle wants partical birth abortions............apparently Obama isn't killing enough Christian babies as yet?  You will be sick when you watch this; I was!  We are all being played for fools on so many levels...........................


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Comment by amanda choate on December 14, 2012 at 10:40am

US abortion rate has steadily been dropping for over a decade.

White women have the lowest abortion rate among all women in the US.

85% of those seeking an abortion were unwed teens.

And partial birth abortions are only performed in the case of medical emrgencies.  It's true.

But who is behind this conspiracy?-

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