The Solution to our Nation’s ‘Gun Problem’

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The Solution to our Nation’s ‘Gun Problem’

Killing people is a moral problem not a societal problem. There are few people who want to talk about morality these days. It’s no wonder that there are no longer any moral taboos. What was considered immoral 40 years ago is being made formally legal today by voters, legislators, and our courts. I believe there is a relationship between “defining deviancy down” and an increase in the disregard for other people. An uptick in ‘Moral Misfits‘ is the result.

The usual suspects are out in force calling for additional gun-control measures. School children are most vulnerable to gun violence. They can’t defend themselves, and neither can the teachers. Schools are “Gun Free Zones,” but only for the law abiding. Criminals don’t care about gun laws; that’s why they’re criminals.

Thieves don’t care about laws against theft, and rapists don’t care about laws against rape. The same is true about drinking and driving. We’ve just had a high profile drunk driving arrest. Dallas Cowboys nose tackle Josh Price-Brent was arrested early Saturday morning [December 8, 2012] on intoxication

manslaughter charges involving a car accident that killed teammate Jerry Brown.”

Laws won’t stop people intent on doing harm.

So what do the law-abiding citizens do? They arm themselves just like they would in war. There are terror insurgents in the United States hell-bent on destroying others. That’s a fact.

Just the other day a young woman was murdered when she told three teenage thugs to “get a job.”

More people are killed in the United States through violent means than are killed in our current foreign wars. In March of this year, violence in Chicago had left 52 people dead – more than twice as many as died in the March of 2011. There were 39 Coalition Military Fatalities in Afghanistan during the same month.

Schools should immediately develop a program where every teacher is trained in how to handle a firearm. All teachers must comply to get hired. If Israel can do it, why not America? Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America wrote the following in 2008: “In the mid-seventies, a terrorist attacked an Israeli school bus, murdering over 30 children. . . . A majority of Israelis . . . found a compelling reason for putting guns in schools — terrorists would get guns whether Jews were armed or not. As a result, schools in border areas, and school buses, were manned with gun-toting teachers or others assigned to be at the ready.”

Signs should be posted around the school that read:

“The teachers and administrators of this school are armed and trained in deadly force. Anybody attempting to enter the school intending to do harm will be shot on sight.”

Instead, if a student draws what looks like a gun, he’ll be suspended for ten days.

And what should we do with those who are involved in a murder spree? They should be executed. The man who shot and killed a number of people at Gabrielle Gifford’s campaign rally and the man who killed the people in the movie theater are still alive.

There is no doubt that these men killed these people. Their mental state, either before or after the shootings, is irrelevant. They should be dead by now.

We need some public executions to send a message.

Let’s stop blaming law-abiding citizens and go after the criminals.

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