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Here is a notice of what they hope to pass in Tally.  This is not good.  Have you seen or heard of people who have become sick through the installation of smart meters?  I have, and I have done research about others who are becoming EMF-sensitive.  Once you become "sensitive" to this, it stays with you. 

Now, they are proposing to install these cell towers on your property without requesting permission.  I find that a violation of property rights and a reckless use of new technology.  This technology is tested by certain standards, but the standards are: "whether or not it causes the body to rise in temperature."  (These standards are adopted by the cell phone community, etc, but they make the regulations to favor their special interests - no surprise there!)  Well, that is not the only way EMF frequencies can affect people, as I have witnessed from the smart meter effects on some of my friends and the multitude of information on the internet. 

The Internet of Things will be accomplished through 5G. 5G requires a massive communication infrastructure, commonly referred to as "small cells". Essentially, there will be need to have these small cell transmitters every 300-500 feet. They will run up and down each residential street. If you think smart meters threatened your privacy, health, and pocketbook, the Internet of Things and the massive infrastructure required will be far worse.


The telecommunications industry has been in high gear lobbying at the federal, state and local level for streamlined procedures and limited costs. They want to take local control away from municipalities so that these small cells can be installed quickly and cheaply. If they get their way, you will have no public hearings to decide what goes in the public right of way. And just so you know, public right of way includes the strip of land from your sidewalk to your street.


On January 30, 2017, a bill was filed in the Florida State Senate, SB596 “Advanced Wireless Infrastructure Deployment Act” by State Senator Hutson.

See Session/Bill/2017/0596 for bill text.

Essentially it prohibits the Department of Transportation and certain local governmental entities from prohibiting, regulating, or charging for the collocation of small wireless facilities in public rights-of-way under certain circumstances.


In addition, the FCC is currently seeking comments on the same issues, see attached file DA-16-1427A1.pdf, "COMMENT SOUGHT ON STREAMLINING DEPLOYMENT OF SMALL CELL INFRASTRUCTURE BY IMPROVING WIRELESS FACILITIES SITING POLICIES". They are asking for comments regarding:

1) Local Governments’ Practices that “Prohibit or Have the Effect of Prohibiting”Provision of Service and..

2) Reasonable Period of Time for Review of Siting Applications and 3) Application Processing Fees and Charges for Use of Rights-of-Way. Clearly the intent is to preempt local zoning rules, speed up the approval process and limit fees charged.


If you don't want a cell tower in front of your house, you will need to make your voices heard now.


Action Item # 1 - The FCC - Proceeding 16-421 - Comment by March 8, 2017

Please consider submitting comments to the FCC opposing any preemption of local control over the placement of small cell infrastructure in our neighborhoods. Attached is a document put together by an activist in Maryland that can guide you with talking points and instructions. You can either submit some simple statements through the "Express Comment" route or if you wish to create a letter in word you can submit through the basic filing method.

Comments can be made by going to this link - search/filings?proceedings_ name=16-421&sort=date_ disseminated,DESC

On the left hand side under "Filters", in the first gray box after "Filings in the last 30 days" you will see "+New filing/+Express". Click on +Express to just make a comment, or +New filing to submit documents. The screen should come up with Proceeding 16-421 pre-populated. Enter your name, address and e-mail address and your comment and hit "continue to review screen". Review your information and hit submit to send your comment.


Action Item # 2 - Florida State Senate - SB 596

Please consider calling your Florida State Senator and asking them to oppose this bill which will erode local control over the siting of small cell infrastructure. Tell them you do not want a mini-cell tower in front of your house. Explain that the FCC has been negligent in its duties to protect the public and 5G should not be promoted or advanced until they complete their work on Docket 13-84 and reassess their safety standards.

You can look up the contact information for your Florida Senators at this link Senators/Find


Those outside Florida should know that there are attempts being made in other states to take away local control over the siting of this advanced wireless infrastructure. In fact Ohio has already passed legislation to do so -

see http://www. 12/articles/broadband- de...

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