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New College Board US History Takeover: American Exceptionalism Out, Flaws In. Part 1

28 January 2014

    By Larry Krieger exclusive to the www.thereportcard.org   (Editor: Larry Krieger, a respected historian and author presents for the first time what the Common Core US history standard will resemble, and it will be worse than you think. The Common Core has not published specific standards around history, or civics …


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Chicago History Teacher Calls for Investigation of Common Core Corruption

05 March 2013

(Editor: The Report Card www.thereportcard.org has been publishing a series of articles on the Common Core Standard. Today’s post by Paul Horton, History Teacher at the University of Chicago Laboratory School is a petition calling for an investigation of undue financial influence of the Common Core. Mr. Horton believes that the many same organizations calling for an investigation of undue financial influence of…


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Dr. Ben Carson: Fight PC Police, Teach Students Wisdom of Founding Fathers

By Bill Korach www.thereportcard.org

Dr. Ben Carson, the renowned neurosurgeon, gave a startling and powerful talk at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington on why Americans need to remember our Godly heritage. President Obama looked on uncomfortably. Dr. Carson’s talk was a powerful encouragement to those who still believe in American exceptionalism and that the foundation of American law are Judeo-Christian principles. Dr. Carson…


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Marine Combat Hero Says Obama Lacks Honor, Students Hear Him


31 October 2012

St. Augustine, FL by Bill Korach. www.thereportcard.org Combat Veterans spoke out this week calling for President Obama to be fired as Commander-in-Chief. Retired Marine Lt. Colonel Jake Iles, holder of 3 Distinguished Flying Crosses, a Bronze Star, and 20 Air Medals…


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School Bus Driver Tells Pro-Romney Pro-Life 12 Year old: Your Mother Should Have Aborted You!

18 October 2012

www.thereportcard.org NEW BERLIN. WI –  An 81-year-old New Berlin school bus driver lost her job following a heated political debate with a 12-year-old boy. Joey Hartlaub says an argument with his bus driver crossed the line. “I did…


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Under Obama SAT Reading and Writing Scores Worst in 40 Years

by Bill Korach. www.thereportcard.org

President Obama claims to be the president who cares about education, but more and more, he’s the president that cares about Teacher’s Union votes and campaign money. So which is Mr. President, the unions or the students? Pick one.

2012’s high school seniors have the worst SAT…


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Bill Clinton Endorses Romney at Jax Vet Rally with McCain

You read it correctly, last night at the John McCain rally for Romney, I saw Bill Clinton show up and endorsed Mitt Romney for president, as you can see in the photo of McCain and Clinton. No I don't mean the former President Bill Clinton, but the man in the photo who is a 99 year old Navy veteran of the Battle of Leyte Gulf. Bill Clinton might be 99 years old, but not too old to stand for the…

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DNC Platform: We Want World Class Education. Translation: More Union Money & Power

05 September 2012

  By Bill Korach www.thereportcard.org The Democratic Party has long made the assertion that they are the party of education and teachers. It is a part of their long-standing claim that they are the party that “cares,” and even the party that owns the moral high ground. However, there is ample…


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Miami School Superintendent Back’s Down: Pastor Free to Speak out for Traditional Marriage

03 August 2012

Pastor Jack Hakimian

On July 29th I reported that the Miami School Superintendent threatened to cancel the lease of Pastor Hakimian’s church because Pastor Hakimian’s sermon supported marriage between a man and a woman. Pastor Hakimian was both speaking out on Christian doctrine and exercising his First Amendment Rights. Liberty Counsel…


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Dirty Campaign Tricks: Kemple’s Foes Post Fake Website, He calls Upon School Board to Denounce

20 July 2012

By Bill Korach. Identity theft has reached a new level of evil. Yesterday, I posted my interview with Terry Kemple, candidate for Hillsborough County Florida School Board running on a conservative curriculum reform platform. During the interview I opened what I thought was his website, but after I read a few lines, it became clear [...]read the rest of the story:…


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Victory for 10 Commandments Display in Virginia High School

05 July 2012

  Mat Staver, Chairman of the Liberty Counsel, stated in an interview with “The Report Card” that the Giles County School Board agreed to keep a display of the Ten Commandment in The Narrows High School. Staver said that the ACLU sued to remove a Ten Commandments display, but lost the fight on Constitutional grounds. Staver [...]read the rest: www.thereportcard.org

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UN Agenda 21 Outlawed in Alabama

26 June 2012
by Bill Korach Alabama has become the first state in America to outlaw financing of Agenda 21 practices. Agenda 21 is the name applied to a U.N. Agreement first approved by President George H.W. Bush, and later President Bill Clinton in 1995. Agenda 21 supports what they call “sustainable development” and overcoming “current imbalances in...read the rest of the story: www.thereportcard.org

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David Barton Part 2: Churches Need to Help Christians Step up and Vote

15 May 2012

In part 2 of this must see exclusive interview, David Barton says that Christians have become passive about what happens in government and school. He cites Benjamin Rush a Founding Father who believed that service to country, family and God should be taught in public schools. He says that half of Christians are not registered [...]

see the video

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Ohio Teacher of the Year Fired for the Bible on His Desk Brings Case to Ohio Supreme Court 21 April 2012

By Bill Korach This morning, I spoke with John Freshwater, a teacher of 23 years who was fired from the Mt. Vernon, Ohio high school because he had a Bible on his desk. Freshwater, married for 32 years is a proud father of three; a son who graduated from the United States Military Academy, a [...]…


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On 4/26 Tell Tampa School Board: Keep Terrorist CAIR out of Our Schools

18 April 2012

 (Editor: Angry Tampa residents and parents of children in  Hillsborough schools have been fighting to keep CAIR representatives, an organization known to the FBI, and the CIA as an Islamic terror front group, from speaking in Hillsborough schools. After four School Board meetings, the Hillsborough School board still refuses to acknowledge the fact that CAIR is a tainted terrorist organization dedicated to the destruction of our…


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MA School Deletes God from Lee Greenwood Song: Parents, Lee Greenwood Fight Back

06 April 2012

by Bill Korach

The officials of the Stall Brook Elementary School in Bellingham, Massachusetts  dropped “God” from the Lee Greenwood song “God Bless the USA.” “God Bless the USA” was scheduled for an assembly, but an unnamed administrator decided to change the words to “We Love the USA.” Parents strongly objected and the Stall Brook School relented.



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This One Room School House Still Can Teach Us Lessons About Educational Standards

Perhaps the one room school house of legend had values, and educational standards that we would do well to emulate today. Hard work, discipline, a neighborly spirit, and a dedicated teacher we enough to produce some fine citizens. Maybe we need to spend more time building character and less time constructing expensive buildings. My good friend and neighbor Tim Palmer describes his learning experience in a one room school house near Spokane, Washington in the 1950′s.…


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The Navy League of Florida Announces the First Annual Battle of Midway Essay Contest for North Florida JROTC and Sea Cadets

01 March 2012

Grand Prize to be Awarded by Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert, Chief of Naval Operations at the Battle of Midway Commemorative Dinner 9 June 2012  The Navy League of the United States, St. Augustine,…


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Teacher's Guide to Radical Islamic Lies in K-12 Textbooks Just Released: Download Here

Citizens for National Security (CFNS), an organization dedicated to fighting the spread of radical Islamic propaganda in America in general and America’s public schools, today announced the release of their new Teacher’s Guide to Islam-biased content in Florida’s K-12 textbooks. In 2009, CFNS published their Report on Islam in Florida’s K-12 schools. The well known and widely read report-over 500,000 distributed to date. Dr. William Saxton, Harvard and MIT educated and trained CFNS leader,…


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