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Your Memorial Day Tea. A Day to Remember, Honor and Respect - "Slow Salute"

Credits:  St. Petersburg Blog - Brian Mast

Listen to a great leader speak to this day…


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Your Monday Morning Tea: A WAKE UP TEA


"When you look at the world today,

What is your point of view?"

From My Point of…


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By Derby Ulloa                                     May 19, 2016

Free trade can only work when it is with FREE NATIONS on a level playing field, in others words, same environmental regulations, same work safety standards, similar taxes, similar wages and reciprocal import and export policies between the trading nations. Currently our trade with China, Mexico, Japan, India, Pakistan,…


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Friday Tea: SAVE THE DATE !! May 30th 2016 Memorial Day Observance

The 2016 City of Jacksonville Memorial Day Observance

Mayor Lenny Curry requests the honor of your presence on Memorial Day to honor and remember

Jacksonville’s fallen…


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Duval County School Board Meeting... Monday 9am The DOJ "Civil Rights of Transgender Students" AKA Restroom Decree

Credits: Pat McBride, DCSB Members Becki Couch and Jason Fischer

The  Federal DOJ "Civil Rights of Transgender Students" Decree

And DCSB Superintendent Dr. Vitti's decision to follow the Decree

"Almost everyone has an opinion on this matter, so if you would…


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ACTION ITEMS: One day left to send testimony to the US State Department - Refugee Resettlement

Credit: : Refugee Resettlement Watch - Ann Corcoran

You have until 5 p.m. on Thursday to send testimony to the US State Department about what you think the "size and scope" of the US Refugee Admissions Program should be in FY2017.…


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SHAME on PARENTS with kids in public schools !!

Duval Schools will follow White House order on transgender student bathroom use...

SHAME on the parents of kids in our Duval school system for abandoning their kids and not organizing a protest in front of every school in the Duval county school system.   

Parents and their concerned neighbors should be taking action against this "Kingly Decree".  Parents should hold their kids out of school and take them to their respective schools and protest…


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ACTION ITEM: U.S. Departments of Justice and Education Release Joint Guidance to Help Schools Ensure the Civil Rights of Transgender Students

Credits: Please note the articles

While most of you are aware of this issue by now as it has one of the top issues in the media since yesterday.

"The directive from Assistant Secretary of Education for Civil Rights Catherine Lhamon, and Vanita Gupta, leader of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, cites federal Title…


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It's not just a federal government failure.

"Nothing could so far advance the cause of freedom as for State officials throughout the land to assert their rightful claims to lost State power; and for the federal government to withdraw promptly and totally from every jurisdiction which the Constitution reserves to the States."

Excerpt from "The Conscience of A Conservative".   by Barry Goldwater. 1960

Support North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory in his stand and fight on HB 2 "bathroom bill" and against a bully…


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Your Monday Morning Tea: The Trans Pacific Partnership Myth vs Fact

Credits: The Beaches Focus Group

(Visit for more details)

From My Point of View

The Beaches Focus Group meets weekly in Jacksonville Beach.  The group is composed…


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National Day of Prayer: May 5th 2016

Local: National Day of Prayer Event

2016 National Day of Prayer Event at…


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Well I never....

This election has been full of twists and turns. But I never thought I would see a day when one candidate linked the other to the Kennedy assassination and the other would claim his opponent was inflicted with venereal disease.
And I thought Leicester winning the Premier League was a long shot.

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ACTION ITEM: Tell Pearson, PLC: Stop Indoctrinating Our Kids!

Caution: The video contains a few "BEEPED" out words. This is the video that came with the request to make contact.

Credits: Florida Citizens Alliance…


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RYAN NICHOLS - Hardened Criminal?? Seriously??

If you're not already aware. This is what's going on in DC while dangerous criminals are allowed back out on the streets.  It's horrifying that this is happening to our citizens and veterans for protesting the hijacking of our election process. This is still happening! They are STILL being tortured and treated like full on terrorists. 

You may not be aware of the typical things they're forced to go through...…


Posted by Babs Jordan on August 14, 2022 at 8:44am

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