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Hot Air: Dem Rep to constituents on HHS mandate: “Basically, we’re not looking to the Constitution”

Anyone who took an oath of office that says you will uphold the consitution and then, says something like this, needs to be removed from office..........the sooner the better.  Her own people should have a recall election!


February 27, 2012 by Ed Morrissey

This moment in constitutional cluelessness comes to us from the same townhall meeting Rep. Kathy Hochul held with her NY-26 constituents that…


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Tea Power

Happy birthday Tea Party.  In the two years I have been a tea partier, I have seen us grow by 40%.  With 7200 members,  all the family and non-members we associate with daily, we represent more than 10% of the local vote and we're growing daily.

Kudu's to the drivers of the Jacksonville Tea Party Express. 

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The Ulsterman Report: Obama Threatens To “Hold Accountable” U.S. Soldiers for Burning of Koran

This is truly wrong and wrong headed, but it is expected from this pro-Islam communist who hates this country and every thing we stand for.  He has done so much damage to our military and has caused demoralization beyond compare.  We will be lucky if anyone stays, but perhaps that is what he wants...............to leave us totally without any defence against his friends in the middle east.  It is criminal, and one might remember that those who did the actual burning were doing as…


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INCONCEIVABLE: Obama Attacks America’s Founding Principles; Obama to UAW: ‘Trying to Climb to the Very Top’ Is ‘Greed,’ Not What America’s ‘About’

The only greed going on is by the group that doesn't want to do anything for themselves but does want to steal from others to support themselves. Greed is taking the fruits of someone else's labors and thinking you are entitled to it. This president never donated much of anything, so he is a poor person to lecture anyone about generosity!  He is a flaming lunatic!


(CNSNews.com) – President…


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TU: Abel Harding: Civic leaders taking a role in Duval education


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TU: State Education Board backs charter school rejected by Duval School Board

Nice to see the state is keeping an eye on things.  How do you feel about this?


Florida Virtual Academy application was denied by local district.


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TU: Jacksonville dog park bill held up in City Council

I am glad to see the backers of these bills are finally getting on board with finding private funding for this project.  I think it is a good project and will benefit those who live in the area, but the city should not be paying for it period.  They need to do some fund raising and come up with the money to complete the project period, and as the article states, Mr. Bates of Concerned Taxpayers has found the city method of funding (moving money left over from another contract)…


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TU: Jacksonville Council committee on saving Mayport ferry service meets for first time

I am glad to see the city council will attempt to find a way to save the Mayport Ferry and sincerely hope they can do so.  Please note the first meeting of this special committee is Thrusday at 4 PM at city hall.  You can probably contact Bill Gulliford's assistant to find out the exact location (Mr. Gulliford's phone number 630-1397).



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TU: Air Force sets aside contract that would have brought aircraft assembly to Jacksonville

We will need to watch this situation closely since Embraer was a company that was given money to bring jobs into the area where they are as it is one of those special classifications downtown.  Now I wonder if we have already given them the money or if it is held until such time as the contract is in place.  Either way, there is taxpayer money in the pipeline for these folks, and we need to watch.  The city council bill number was 2011-0020 and the link to the bill is: …


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TU: Parents tell Times-Union Duval school buses missed routes because of Daytona 500

37 Drivers among the missing leaving school children standing in the rain at bus stops!  I stand in total disbelief on this.  They face fines?  How about the bus company contract gets cancelled for non performance of contracted duties and they find another bus company and drivers who will do the job they were contracted for and not decide something more lucrative is worth leaving all these children standing in the rain without a bus to take them home.  This is totally an outrage,…


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I can still afford more credit; right?

John Stossel breaks it down so that "everyone" can understand the fiscal state of the United States (our tax bill).  As people understand differently, here are two presentations of the information.

John Stossel : Imagine this family budget:…


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The First Coast Tea Party is pleased to be a part of two well-run organizations that are doing their part to ensure integrity at the polls.

Tonight -- from the comfort of your home -- you can watch one or two webinars describing these efforts.

We encourage anyone and everyone who wants to DO SOMETHING to participate in these webinars and then decide where you want to…


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Politico: Quiet fade-out for Obama’s faith council

"No one cares about the failed president's conversion from Jeremy Wrights Communist-Christian religion into the Muslim faith. That is entirely his own personal business. But when the failed president creates a faith based council for show and does not work with them and instead quietly appoints Muslim Brotherhood advisors to guide his every move, that is plain not right." (quoted from a L Myles, facebook friend, as I could not in any way have said it…


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Fox/S&P Indices: Durable Goods Orders Take Biggest Fall in 3 Years and Home Prices also drop 1.1%

This is obviously not good news and does not speak to a recovering economy.  These two items caught my eye in the group of news reports I received this morning.  I felt these did not speak well of what is being touted as an economic recovery.  



February 28, 2012

New orders for U.S. manufactured goods fell in January by the most in three years as demand fell across the…


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TU: JaxPort sets Sept. 30 as Mayport ferry's last day

I am saddened by this as the Mayport Ferry, as the article indicates, is the only operating ferry in the state of Florida, and it has been in operation for over 100 years (and in continuous operation since the early 1940s), so it is a part of Jacksonville's history.  I went to the meeting down at the Port Authority yesterday morning, and did hear Mayor Brown's comments supporting the port finding a way to keep the ferry going until a solution can be found.  Brown pointed out that…


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TU: Ed Pratt-Dannals: OK that Duval School Board wants another superintendent

This is an interesting turn of events for those who have an interest in the Duval School Board and the issues surrounding them.



Has been superintendent since November 2007


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Forbes: Michelle Obama reaches out to young voters through education

This is not good news.  Sadly, our side of this fight can't offer these young people anything but freedom and liberty and an opportunity to work hard and realize the American dream without the government deciding you aren't entitled to the money you earn and should support another family, of their choosing, with what you earn.  As pointed out in the article, what the Obamas are offering is what is singly the most important thing to most college students who aren't at the point of…


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Michelle Lets Governors Gorge on 2,000 Calorie Dinner

I just couldn't help myself.  This is such a joke, and these 2 faced "do as I say and not as I do" people are just that.  Between the schools and the military, this woman is making many people's lives a living H.  The mac and cheese, the ignorant menu planning nightmare included, alone is about half of the calories of this meal if you don't look at the "tart" and one of the worst things you can eat or feed someone who is watching calories and fat intake (loadied with fat, starch…


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IRS Coming Down on Tea Parties?

Anyone heard about this one yet?

Here's one link:  http://gulagbound.com/26658/irs-coming-down-on-tea-parties/

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Teacher's Guide to Radical Islamic Lies in K-12 Textbooks Just Released: Download Here

Citizens for National Security (CFNS), an organization dedicated to fighting the spread of radical Islamic propaganda in America in general and America’s public schools, today announced the release of their new Teacher’s Guide to Islam-biased content in Florida’s K-12 textbooks. In 2009, CFNS published their Report on Islam in Florida’s K-12 schools. The well known and widely read report-over 500,000 distributed to date. Dr. William Saxton, Harvard and MIT educated and trained CFNS leader,…


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RYAN NICHOLS - Hardened Criminal?? Seriously??

If you're not already aware. This is what's going on in DC while dangerous criminals are allowed back out on the streets.  It's horrifying that this is happening to our citizens and veterans for protesting the hijacking of our election process. This is still happening! They are STILL being tortured and treated like full on terrorists. 

You may not be aware of the typical things they're forced to go through...…


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