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In the greatest war every fought in the history of mankind, this nation and the civilization of Western culture, is losing!

• Posted by Dan Short on April 10, 2015 at 3:21pm

• The history of man we know for the length of man’s literacy. From the very beginning, the clashes of ideologies, cultures, societies, beliefs, and the ethnicity of different groups of identifiable peoples – the races – have all been different. Each group, each society, each in reality that exists of the races … as the reality of historical fact, is that races of people resided in different areas on this planets surfaces … have in their journey of existence matriculated their own mores – the standards – the accepted structure of their societies.

• As citizens of this nation, as residence of this planet, often the reality of this fact has been so convoluted and distorted that the false narrative that all men are alike is accepted. In the idealism of Christianity, and in the philosophy of the American nation’s foundation, this is accepted and even advocated.

• Those of the Western Canon, the advancement of the society of mankind that is, and always has been, the foundations for the European nations. The conceptual idealism of all societies that evolved from Greek philosophy and idealism, the Roman experiment, all of the Reformations of Germany, France, and England and England’s result, this nation, our States of many differences the States United on this continent, this America.

• As those of this society, this result of the Western Canon, we often forget that our reality – the nations and societies of our genesis – is not the reality, the standard, the mores, of all other societies of man. Ours this society of English, and as such the extension of Greek, Roman, Christian, and all others in the petri dish of this nation’s foundations, is as no other known to the civilized mankind. It is, the culmination of trial and error, of success and failure, and of mistakes and the resulting – what is the absurdity they call it, unintended consequences – errors of decisions.

• Is the society of Western Culture have any means to measure if it is the best? We’d like to say, yes, it does, there is no nation on the face of the earth that so many desire to enter either illegally, and legally. The insanity of being born here, as the mistake of the absolute insanity of the Supreme Court saying the 14th amendment says so. The fact that this nation has legislation, circumventing the immigration policy of this nation’s design with anchor babies and sponsoring extended family, or the worse of all, the man who is to enforce this nation’s preservation, by direction is allowing the greatest invasion of illegals – even known in any nation ever – into this nation.
• Is this nation able to measure that all of other societies are coming to this nation because of the wonder of becoming assimilated and one with this nation, that simple identifier, e pluribus unum, as our design? Instead, the reality is we cannot. Those who come to this nation, those whose mothers come to this nation, those who risk life and limb, traveling across nations to reach this country, we can but ask, why? Is it the desire for religious freedom? If so then why do they, many who invade, wish to take the idealism of all men have the right to worship as they wish, as long as, the condition, they also allow all others to worship as they wish! Is that our nation today? If so, then why is it we are being inundated to bring the theocracy of the dementia of the psychosis of Islam, and their ideology of ‘submit and obey’ with their demented sharia – domination – be accepted in this nation? Is that not what we are facing in our nation today? Is it not that this nation, which abides by the concept of Western civilization, identified by John Stuart Mill in his Theism; We accordingly call a people civilized, where the arrangements of society, for protecting the persons and property of its members, are sufficiently perfect to maintain peace among them.

• In this nation, the laws, especially of immigration, and rejecting those who will not, cannot, and never will assimilate into this nation are preserved is the only way there is to insure this wonder of idealism, this nation of exceptionalism, is preserved. The actions of this nation have the false narrative that our society, if we are not preserved, but are the mirror of the mistake of the United Nations, the epitome of misfits with one goal only, steal all they can from America, is irrationally our objective. As if this is not enough, we are now in the process of allowing not only the assisted invasion of illegals – by financing of our own government under the direction of the president …an impeachable offense … and the refusal to enforce this nation’s laws – being invaded. Compounding that with the mistake of the Hart-Cellar bill, destroying the ethnicity of this nation – as those who advance racism advocate, the racism of this nation – did so to preserve the assimilation, the preservation of this nation’s culture, its mores, its morals, and the religion on which all of these choices were based, Protestant Christianity. Advancing the fallacy, the illusion, the impossibility of all men, all societies, and all peoples are somehow the same advances insanity, not reason. If they are, then show the proof. Where, where on the face of this planet is there an example of a nation with any of the wonder of this one? What nations have opened their borders to allow anyone to enter? What is the answer? What are their results?

• This illusion, this fallacy, this absolutely insane concept that any nation, with their own form of society, can open their borders, allow those in, without any demands for assimilation has only one possible result. That result, the host nation will be consumed by the parasitical demands of the invaders. Is this confirm-able? Look at the problems in every nation that has attempted this political insanity. What is their result? It is constant, always the same, those who invade, who do not assimilate, and who never even attempt to become part of, understand, or comply with the host society advocate? The answer is always the same, the destruction of the host they are receiving altruism from, and the destruction of that very same society.

• There are differences in society, in even our society, that make divisions of how people, our own citizens look at different things in the political spectrum. Some are so bizarre, they become not only difficult, but beyond reason to why certain groups politically, vote the way they do. One that is beyond mental comprehension, beyond reason, beyond any possible mental note we know is that in our nation the Jewish segment votes Democrat. Is it absolute ignorance? That is hard to imagine, for it is verifiable that the Jewish contribution to our society is fact. What they have provided for not only this nation, but for the species of mankind is fact. To know that fact, and then to realize they vote for the party that is advancing the central planning, the centralization of our society, our nation is beyond anything that is possible to understand. Yet they do. The question, why is unknown. History shows certain things that we should know. Long ago, a man made the observation that is so concise I’ve found none more poignant; the words of Roger Ascham, ‘It is costly wisdom that is bought by experience.’ Here is where the illogical choice of the Jewish population is mind boggling. They know the results of the insanity of central planning. They experienced it is Germany, in Russia, in all of Europe, in this nation, and throughout the world. Yet they vote politically for those who advance central planning? This result refutes reason of even a cognitive individual.

• There is and has always been a problem with many in different races that also magnifies some irrational, incomprehensible reasoning, which has no reason – or example – of the why. The political racism of Lyndon Johnson, who by his own words emphasized that it was only the beholding of the black race, not their welfare that concerned him, is accepted today in that same black community destroying the very fabric of the advancement of civilization this nation had afforded them. Why, the false narrative that destroying this society will somehow make their live better? If so, where is the example? Why today is the average situation, the mean of the black community not improving, but facing a reduction, the advancement toward barbarism, not the society of civilized. Drugs, and desolation, academic opportunities destroyed by the social engineering – turning academic environments into social cesspools, not environment of learning – retarding any advancement this segment of society could possibly have.

• It’s difficult to use race as an identifier, for by our – this nation’s idealism – we are equal. Then why is this not obvious in the results we know. I’ve supplied a link, that is of a large sample set, and unless it was just done in Michigan or California, where American ideals do not reside, should have some validity.

Why race matters!
• I didn’t make up this poll, or do the research. You only get the results, and don’t know the questions, but the divisions of the identified ethnicity, are eye opening. It emphasizes just how this nation has had the communist concept of hegemony, the culture communism of Antonio Gramsci advanced in this nation to the point that even polls abide by his identified objective.

• The lists go on and on. So many who attach their concept of what they believe with the exact diametric political entity that would – or could – advance anything they believe in. The why is the question! Why would the Jewish vote for an ideology that throughout history, central planning, government totalitarianism, has been their demise? Is it naivety, ignorance, or a willing suspension of disbelief? Who knows!

• Why do those of the black race vote for those who have created the scenario guaranteeing they will always be slave? What logic, is it also naivety, or ignorance, or advancing stupidity as they should know better?

• The many fronts in the war against this nation are varied. They come in every nook and cranny that is identifiable. Yet, there is one commonality, which every American should know by now, and have not the slightest illusion of the reality of this fact. This administration, this application of our government, this despicable congress – that will not impeach this proven enemy of this nation, this president – are our enemies.

Once upon a time, there was some strange naivety we, the citizens of this nation, could forget being vigilant. We are now experiencing that result. There are many times in this nation’s history when the winds of change, the ‘fundamental transformation’ have occurred. The mistake of 1789, the national bank, the war of northern aggression, the Federal Reserve, deficit spending, social security, cronyism, and the list is as long as the pages stored in the congressional library.

• This nation is simple; it is so pure that how we’ve reached this place in history has only one identifier. The day those in government, became more interested in power – our first constitution congress – and forgot the role of this nation’s government … to preserve our citizens inalienable rights … we sealed this result we have reaped.

• Tomorrow, when all who believe in this nation, vote, remember our objective. Simply put, we need those who also believe in this nation, not those who would only run for office to advance their – political parties – objective.

Vigilance is effort, and for far too long, this nation’s citizens have forgotten that realty, which is fact. Sadly we as a nation as Roger Ascham identified, It is costly wisdom that is bought by experience. We’ve paid the price, experienced the tragedy – and in doing so – have seemingly gained nothing from the experience.

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Comment by robert c tipton on April 19, 2015 at 3:59pm

Don't know about any one else but I am daily searching for that incident--that spark to take my country back--I am looking for a meaningful event to be a part of physically Rallies--campaigning--talking--voting is all meaningless. I think occupy wall street--while the point was misguided-- the civil disobedience --the taking over of government facilities is the only approach left to us now--the republicans are as bad or worse than the lefts criminal activities---maybe peoples courts with trials--convictions --arrests and punishment by THE PEOPLE.I am damm tired of my fellow citizens being such WEASELS--as the saying goes I'm Mad as Hell and I am not going to take it anymore.  

Comment by amanda choate on April 19, 2015 at 2:38pm


Comment by Franklin W. on April 18, 2015 at 4:41pm

Well, the proper response would be that we stand up and keep fighting.  The key is to stand up...

Lying on the ground in a fetal position, covering the head and shouting STOP STOP, you can't do that is not fighting.

The best that can be said is there is SOME "resistance" to the take over of America, abuse of the people by government and total disregard for the Constitution and laws.  

When one is in a fight for their life they can't simply hope to endure until the opposition stops beating them down.  The gang of local, State and Federal government will not stop the beat down.  

The truth of the matter is the situation with America and the American people is shocking, unbelievable and truly pathetic.  This is why the American people choose to remain so deeply buried in their denial or ignorance.  

To admit the situation would mean the people would either have to take action or admit they were afraid to take action.   It's easier to simply stay in denial and ignore the truth of the situation.

The people are not moving FORWARD they are only enduring the abuse with a false pride or a willful ignorance.

The people will not stand up.  The truth of this is all around us everywhere everyday.

Comment by sabrina Wheeler on April 17, 2015 at 1:06pm

Thank you Franklin for speaking truth to the precipice we stand looking into. 

Do we tip toe away like the Jews in your story or do we stand up and fight for our beliefs? We may get beat down and be demoralized, but we shake it off and keep moving FORWARD. 

Comment by Franklin W. on April 17, 2015 at 10:49am

Sabrina; "The people are apathetic - they are beaten down day by day."

What has been going on for the past 100 years is what Alexis de Tocqueville termed "Soft Despotism".  

 " It covers the surface of society with a network of small complicated rules, minute and uniform, through which the most original minds and the most energetic characters cannot penetrate, to rise above the crowd. The will of man is not shattered, but softened, bent, and guided; men are seldom forced by it to act, but they are constantly restrained from acting. Such a power does not destroy, but it prevents existence; it does not tyrannize, but it compresses, enervates, extinguishes, and stupefies a people, till each nation is reduced to nothing better than a flock of timid and industrious animals, of which the government is the shepherd."

Woodrow Wilson, FDR, LBJ and now obama...Wilson began openly selling a strong centralized government take over of States rights while in the white house.  The Parents of the "Greatest Generation" lost the fight of Socialism against FDR, The "Greatest Generation" lost the fight of Socialism/Communism against LBJ, now the "Baby Boomers" are losing the fight for the Nation and American way of life against obama.

The American people remind me of the Jews in 'Fiddler on the Roof'.  When the Russians began moving in on them and shrinking their little world more and more, they went along to hang on to their community and lifestyle, raise their families and live their lives in peace.  They made friends with the Russians that had been sent to watch them and keep them in line.  Then one day they were told.  You will have to get out of your homes and leave your town.  After a little Righteous Indignation and outrage they realized they no longer had the will to fight. They packed up their belongings and left without a fight.  The years of struggle had left them beaten and defeated.

After obama was surprisingly elected.  He correctly recognized that the American people have become beaten down and are ready to be defeated.  He has relentlessly been pounding America ever since.  And, the people keep losing ground, finding ways to get along, hang onto their little lives and family and making friends with those that have been sent to watch them and keep them in line.

James Madison wrote: "An ELECTIVE DESPOTISM is not what we fought for"...

The American people are RIGHT NOW living under a Communist form of government with a facade of Republic Democracy. An illusion of the people being in control when in fact they have very little influence over their government.  

The American people have been Betrayed by their government, the very people they trusted and elected to protect them, protect their Nation, enforce and obey their laws and Constitution.

Freedom is not free, never has been and never will be.  The price of freedom is personal sacrifice.  Present day Americans have shown that they are not willing to pay this price for their freedom and their country.

"Soft Despotism" and years of communist/liberal infiltration into government, education, labor, news & entertainment media has America at the brink of defeat.  

Comment by robert c tipton on April 15, 2015 at 4:02pm

I have railed for years against trying to export our brand of a free and responsible society around the world. Most of the world is incapable of living any other way than the way they do.Africa in particular CAN NOT live free --with respect for women--children-- family--They and the majority of the world are what you see since the beginning of time. Quit trying to put a square peg in a round hole Having said all that how or can we restore what we once cherished ?I am not sure we can but it I am  damm sure it is not at the ballot box-- We are betrayed EVERYTIME we reach out and support conservative candidates. Was Martin Luther King right when the Democrats betrayed him and the Blacks and he adopted the new tactic of rioting--insurrection--.civil disobedience and threating to bring down the government ?It worked so well that racial quotas  now dictate everything in our society regardless of merit of the individual or the group. When I am told that the reason a large  number of blacks are arrested--flunk out of school--have 75 % illegitimate births -  are involved in drugs is because of white racism-- that is a HUGE LIE. Be honest and forthright in dialogue--don't be politically correct--be honest and discuss facts and statistics not horse**it 

Comment by John A. Beyerle on April 14, 2015 at 10:44am

Sabrina--do not blame God for placing different types of humans in different parts of the world. It took place as they moved out of Africa many years ago and the process of evolutionary change is the reason for the accidents of color, etc. As a Biologist and Catholic I have, over the years, constructed a concept whereby evolution occurred from that time when the first humans sprang from our anthropoid ancestors but for them to become truly human it was NECESSARY FOR GOD to intervene with the placement of the soul and intelligence. We are derided by the atheistic evolution types because we want to put God into the process. Why not? If the human mind can conceive of a divine spiritual being giving them life, why can't we put Him in to the evolutionary process? Look at History. Every group of people that has been found no matter where in the world or in what state of civilization they always have a concept of God. It is simply a matter of understanding which and what is the True, Beautiful and the Good. Yahweh? Who are the fools?

Comment by sabrina Wheeler on April 14, 2015 at 6:45am

Multi-culturalism is advocated and taught  our young people in public schools. It has twisted their minds and hearts for they have no traditional family to mentor them otherwise.

There was a reason God made all men and placed them in different parts of the world. It is social engineering that has destroyed our country. It was the most racist of all men, placing the face of empathy , on his diabolical scheme to gain eternal power. It took the socialist communists 100 years to get where they wanted and they[ve accomplished their goal. In the end, can our beloved country survive Barack Obama's fundamental transformation? The people are apathetic - they are beaten down day by day. What can we do to stop it? Where do we go from here?

Comment by FCTP on April 13, 2015 at 2:31pm

John, thank you so very much for your wise thoughts. I have to agree that unless something changes and changes soon many of us and our children will pay the price of our actions.

Comment by John A. Beyerle on April 13, 2015 at 12:55pm

Tolerance is the answer to a certain degree. In the US we have been  able to develop a community of tolerance, racial, religious, behavior(sexual preference, family structure, music/cultural preferences) and food[?}. There are enough bigots running about like Jesse Jackson, et al, to constantly stir up the pot but, by and large, most folks are tolerant of one another. We share a similar background, a Western culture inculcated in us via schools, church and public venues. A difficulty arises when immigrants come to the country en masse and refuse or are unable to assimilate into the overarching culture. If a group living in proximity want to insist on their law being the local one in opposition to the laws of the US, like Sharia, problems result. We Catholics have Canon Law but it only refers to religious activities and uses government for it's laws. For example, a divorce in common law is not viable in Canon Law. Marriage is for life. The divorced can not marry again in church unless the marriage is annulled or ruled invalid. They are not killed or anything for doing as they wish. Some immigrants reared in Islamic cultures are unable or unwilling to assimilate in such a way that their faith could be tolerated by others. Anyone who is serious about his faith would like to see others join them. We know people of other faiths, some w/no faith, etc. We do not believe that they should either convert, pay an outrageous tax or be killed unless they believe as we do. This is pure Islam. The government must have Islam as the state religion and everybody must follow the rules or be punished. The only reason there were any Christians left in the middle east must have been because they fought back or were overlooked. Islam is incompatible with the tolerance that the West finally agreed to after the wars that Protestants and Catholics fought in Europe that continued into N. Ireland until just recently. I personally believe that as the West has given up Christianity, Europe opted for Socialism after WW2, and settled into a comfortable life of financial security & welfare for everybody(see Greece). Many Fundamentalists might agree that Armageddon is right down the road. It may not be the great end of it all but I do think we are going to be in one helluva fight. At 79 I won't be in it but some of U may be.

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