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I agree there are problems inside of our party that need to be resolved and in another life I would have been on the Senate floor next to Ted Cruz fighting for middle America. As people find as I have just how much they will have to pay the screams from those who supported Obama care will be all to sad. I refuse to let the government violate my right to privacy. Therefore I will pay his tax instead. Hire employees? If I did I would work for less than minimum wage. This is killing small business while offering breaks to huge corporations. This is communism. How is it we have groups of people in America that are not subjected to the laws that govern the rest of us? This is my issue. We have become the land of the freeloaders. This is what liberals teach our children. You earned your money by hard work only to have it redistributed to the guys who wont work because they know the government will pay their way on my back. Nothing the government gives that it didn't take from someone else. Sadly the Democrats have learned to buy votes with the promise of programs via free stuff. So now the battle in America is over those of us who want freedom and those who vote for free stuff. Or founding fathers warned against this. When people realize they can vote for a living we are doomed to be enslaved through indebtedness to other countries. I fear we are near a bloody war soon unlike we have seen on this continental divide. God bless America because we need him now more than ever.

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