The day has come that conservatives have been waiting for. This is the day that the other proverbial shoe has dropped. I have been in so many debates on NBC's pages for calling out Obama on his lies only to be bashed by many who are enthralled by his slick talk or the fear of being called a racist. Today more than one issue has come to the surface that proves beyond a doubt that Obama's hands are in fact dirty. All day sources have poured in from the very places that before refused to speak ill against him and his administration. The president is the equivalent to a company CEO.... So let’s analyze this…That being said, Barry is either the most inept, ineffectually unfit leader America has ever been bedazzled by??? Or he is as corrupt as Nixon ever was, even worse by far. Now being a company owner myself, small as it is, I personally stay involved in each and every decision because if the head does not know what the tail is doing, you blunder blindly while costly errors are made that cause the ship to sink in a sea of debt and with that comes lawsuits, bankruptcy ect. On another, grander scale being the presidency of the United States one has to be informed about the goings on in his administration... PERIOD... No wiggle room here. In a few of the DC scandals you may be able to feign ignorance and the American people might choke down the vile taste of your crud Mr. President, but not every time. Not this time… How can you lie your way out of the NSA wiretapping, and especially not about your claim to fame, legacy golden masterpiece named after you; Obama Care? Can you sit on your high horse and again lie to “US”, the American people yet again??? Why not, you have been doing it so well for years now. It makes all of the issues of your past resurface now doesn’t it Sir? Clinton lied to America once that he was caught for and he was sort of impeached. Staying in office is not impeached as far as I am concerned, but that is not relevant here. You Sir have lied to your people and the world more than we can count. You endanger America by spying on other world leaders while accepting a Nobel Piece Prize? Astounding! You have been extremely quiet today as the stench of American betrayal comes to the surface. We could very well be attacked by the very leaders of other nations you have spied on. You have risked countless American lives, so I hope you’re happy with yourself… Why the reticence where you would normally have so much to read from your teleprompter? Again why is that Barry? Are you finally scared, running with your tail between your legs because even your far Left supporters are distancing themselves from you? Do you really think those beside you will continue to stay once they are threatened with treason charges for violating the very constitution they are sworn to protect? Why would anyone be willing to go to federal prison for you when you forced them to hurt so many honest Americans? The same tactics used to get other common criminals to turn on another will be used against you. Your entire party now will look like fools because their golden boy has tarnished the face of liberalism for what it has become.... Call it Marxism, Progressivism, Liberalism or what it has always been called; COMMUNISM. Norman Thomas a six time Socialist candidate for president of the United States once said, “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of 'liberalism,' they will adopt every fragment of the socialist…” And you have worked hard to let this come to pass…America is a constitutional republic end of story!!! You will not take away what we have fought and died to protect for over 200 years and get away with it. Welcome to the new American Revolution! This time it is different Sir. This time we use intellect to take tyranny down instead of blood shed. The very tools you use against us, spying on Americans has backfired on you. Each time you destroy a web link to cover your trail it has already made its way to someone like us who in turn spread it as far as possible because the will of the American spirit is much stronger than the hatred you display for our great nation. I refuse to let the blood of my forefathers, Framers and Brothers who currently serve go for naught so you can act as a dictator. You are not and never will be King. This is America and no one is above the laws, not even the president of the United States. My next question is this; when they charge you with espionage, and treason against the American people for breaking the oaths you swore to uphold, will you denounce your American citizenship? Being a Constitutional Professor you have no excuse… Or Sir will you stand up finally and accept responsibility for your actions. I doubt it… Yet again perhaps you will blame Bush once again. Regardless, your time draws nigh... Our country was founded upon the principles of God, guns, and love of country which you show open disdain for. Why did you hide your Muslim ties for so long? Why have you made Christians out to be an enemy of America when they are the very people who helped build this nation into the tolerant, loving nation that we live in today? You call the Tea Party an enemy of the state in so many words and the mainstream media has backed you thus far? So many Americans don't even know what it stands for. In an overview, we stand for lowering the nation debt by reducing wasteful government spending. We believe in limiting the government to allow free markets to thrive so that capitalism can thrive without big brother taking so much away from the working class. Small business employees the nation with good wages for it eliminates many hands that waters down the wages of the working class. Big corporations pay the minimum to the workers while the CEO’s line their pockets. We believe in FREEDOM, that which is guaranteed in the constitution that our framers fought so diligently to see executed so that we would remain a free people. “This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or exercise their revolutionary right to overthrow it.”

Abraham Lincoln… And we have seen the light and without violence “WE” are going to do just that….
There are a few bad apples everywhere but most Tea Party want to see Americans thrive again, and under your extreme liberal/communist policies we will do nothing but drive America over the fiscal cliff. Sadly the only thing the RNC asked of you during the shutdown was that “ALL” Americans be held to the same standard but you would not bend, so now “WE” will not either… This is your bed and that of the Democrats who blindly devoted themselves to you so lay in your filth and rot while letting the words I told you so scorch you’re stuck up ears for eternity. I am calling for the swift and complete impeachment of Barrack Obama and further demand that he be tried for his crimes against the American people. We are the People and we are coming for we have had enough of our rights violated Sir. Your time has come.
Eric Elliott

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