By Derby Ulloa

It has taken about 7 years, but now many in the Republican establishment are saying Obama has been implementing Socialist policies.  Republicans will not use the word COMMUNIST because it is not politically correct.  Any well informed American knew this BEFORE Obama got elected, but Republicans could not get themselves to utter the word. This only proves that the Republican establishment is GUTLESS, STUPID, and more than likely COMPLICIT.  Also throughout these 7 years Obama has taken the side of the Moslem religion on countless occasions, while at the same time he has done NOTHING to defend Christianity or our traditional American values and European culture. He is doing a very good job of turning the US into the UN. Obama likes anything that is not White or Christian. Now he has taken his destruction of the US to a higher level. He is intent on bringing thousands of male Moslem Syrian “refugees” that everyone knows are terrorist infiltrated. This action will put our nation at a GREATER RISK than it already is, but Obama does not care.

When are the Republicans going to acknowledge that Obama is a MOSLEM and is also the ENEMY WITHIN? What more proof do they want? Why has Obama not been IMPEACHED already? The Republicans have the votes in the House, but not the BALLS or the BRAINS. Why hasn’t a single Federal Judge said Obama has trampled our Constitution too many times already? The top brass military is also very silent. They only care about their retirement, their pension and the lucrative private sector job as a military consultant. They just follow orders from Obama when they damn well know these are the wrong orders, orders that only the ENEMY would give.  Republicans, it took you years to call Obama a Socialist. Now develop a pair and call him what he truly is, a treasonous Moslem.  When you call Obama what he really is, then you will gain the respect of the Conservatives which you need to win the White House. Until you do so, Conservatives will think you are GUTLESS, STUPID, TREASONOUS, GLOBALIST and COMPLICIT with the Democrat Party who is intent on destroying our Great Nation.

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Comment by Derby Ulloa on December 1, 2015 at 12:32pm

Franklin, I wish I had added your thoughts to my comments. You are very clear and correct about the American citizens of TODAY. They are not the same Americans that fought in WWII. Americans today have been brain washed by education, government, the media and even religious institutions. Our Federal and State elected officials have betrayed us, but please do not forget our LOCAL officials. They are equally guilty. The only difference is that it is easier to confront them locally and tell them to their faces what a worthless bunch they are.


Comment by Franklin W. on December 1, 2015 at 7:55am

Mr Ulloa,

You are correct.

Americans have been Betrayed by their Government.  From top to bottom, through and through, inside and out.  By those that have been pushing America towards Socialism/Communism and by those that have Kowtowed through cowardliness and protecting their own positions.

However, it is not just the government and Federal elected officials that have betrayed Americans.  It can also be said of State elected officials that have sat back and not done their duty towards the people of the various States as given to them by the U.S. Constitution.

But, the real shame and blame of America goes to it's Citizens.  The American people have not done their duty and responsibility as American citizens either.  They have preferred to remain silent or blame only the ones they have elected time and time again.

The American people have Betrayed themselves.

Americans, as a Nation, have become the biggest group of FOOLS and willfully ignorant COWARDS on the planet.   They have more to lose than any other group of people and are/have been taking no serious action to protect, defend and preserve their Liberties, Constitution, Republic form of government, Rule of Law and way of life that has made America the most prosperous, safest, most powerful Nation in the history of mankind.

The America people have allowed the enemy in the White House and when it has been made clear that this is the first openly Un-American Potus, have made no effort to remove this enemy.

Present day Americans have no will to fight for their liberties, country and future Americans.

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