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The next few weeks can be a big opportunity for gun rights here in Florida, but despite having a Republican governor, and a Republican-controlled legislature, it is going to require your help!  Starting this week, a series of gun rights bills will be making their way through the legislature, and FLCA is going to keep a Score Card, tracking which of our senators and representatives are going to vote for or against your rights!

We will be keeping you briefed on the bills that are coming up for committee consideration or votes, and will update you on which of your elected representatives have voted against your right to self-defense!  We also will help you let those elected representatives know how you feel about that! This coming week, the following bills are scheduled to be reviewed by the Senate Judiciary committee:

  • SB 616 – Concealed Weapons or firearms
  • SB 646 – Weapons & Firearms
  • SJR 910 – Exempting Law Enforcement Officers from the Waiting Period for Handgun Purchases
  • SB 912 – Exceptions to Requirements for the Purchase and Sale of Firearms


FLCA supports passage of all four of these bills.  Use either of the the links below to send an email to the nine members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, letting them know you want them to support each of these bills as well!

Or us the link below.


Specific Action on Vote TODAY


SB 616 - Courthouse Carry and SB 646 - Open Carrying to be heard by Senate Judiciary Committee

Bills scheduled for hearing by the Senate Judiciary Committee TODAY, March 7th, at 4 pm.

Contact Legislators NOW!


SB 616 - Courthouse carry, does NOT authorize carry in courthouses. This good bill authorizes courthouses to temporarily store those firearms carried lawfully while licensees are conducting business at courthouses.


On occasion, licensees must visit a prohibited place like a courthouse. Whether it be for jury duty or as a result of a summons or subpoena, these visits are often mandatory. This leaves the licensee with a dilemma - leave the firearm at home and be unarmed during the entire period, or leave the firearm in one's vehicle and risk it being stolen. Neither is acceptable.


The bill simply provides that a courthouse is still a prohibited place for carry, however a licensee may present his firearm to courthouse security personnel for temporary storage during the carrier's visit. Upon completion of the visit, the firearm is to be returned to the licensee.





SB 646 - Open carrying, decriminalizes temporarily exposing one's firearm for licensees, and prohibits law enforcement from arresting licensed individuals who are lawfully carrying concealed and whose firearm becomes temporarily visible.


A serious problem since the 2011 gutting of SB 234, the original open carry bill, this bill also removes the ambiguous "brief exposure" language and replaces it with "temporarily and openly displayed". Coupled with the decriminalization and prohibiting arrest of licensees, the bill is a positive despite open carry remaining prohibited.


Please, take a few moments to ask the committee members of the Senate Judiciary Committee to support SB 616 and SB 646.

Remember that whether you contact the committee members either by email or by phone, to be courteous and respectful above all else. Be sure to keep your message brief, and thank them for their time.


In the subject line put: SUPPORT SB-646 & SB-616 in Senate Judiciary Committee

(Copy and Paste All email addresses into the "Send To" box);;;;;;;;



Sample Body:

Dear Senator,

Far too often when considering firearm related bills, opponents fail to recognize that licensees are a distinct demographic from felons/criminals. Between 1987 and 2012, over two million carry licenses were issued by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Licensing Division. During that period, only 6/1000ths of 1 percent (168) licenses were revoked for a crime involving a firearm.

 The Legislature placed its trust and faith in the licensing system, and in the Florida citizens who choose to lawfully carry. Licensees have not only met, but far exceeded those expectations. It is well beyond time the Legislature recognizes that statistically documented fact, and relieves unnecessary burdens on the licensee.

 Please support both SB 616 and 646.


“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.

― Mahatma Gandhi

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Comment by FCTP on March 8, 2017 at 5:40pm

3/8/ Update.. HRA/ILA

Florida Report: Sen. Anitere Flores Turns on Law-abiding Gun Owners 


March 8, 2017


USF & NRA Members and Friends


Marion P. Hammer


USF Executive Director


NRA Past President

SB-646 Open Carry and SB-616 Courthouse Carry by Sen. Greg Steube were both scheduled to be heard by the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, March 7, 2017, between 4:00-6:00pm.

However, when SB-616, the first of the two bills came up, committee member Sen. Anitere Flores conducted questioning of the Chairman and bill sponsor, Greg Steube, and then made her anti-gun statement declaring her intentions regarding pro-gun bills.

That bill subsequently passed 5-4 and the other 3 other progun bills on the committee agenda were temporarily passed over and not brought to a vote.

Some in the media are now suggesting that all pro-gun bills are now dead for the year.

We hope the following helps you understand where we are at this point in time.

Below is a link to Sen. Flores' antigun statement as well as a "victory" photo of her with the Florida leader of Bloomberg's "Moms Demand Action."

Here's the link to what many are calling the Flores "State of the Senate" speech in Judiciary Committee yesterday.

and the link to the photo Michelle Gajda, the Florida leader of Bloomberg's "Moms Demand Action" anti-gun group posted this after the hearing

A reporter questioned me about what happen and these are my responses:

"I cannot tell you why Sen. Flores suddenly turned on law-abiding gun owners because I do not know.  (Until yesterday she had a 100% rating with NRA and USF)

I cannot tell you if Sen. Flores was acting on her own behalf or on behalf of the Senate President or Senate Leadership because I do not know.

I cannot tell you whether or not she has the power to kill all pro-gun bills and not allow the Senate to vote on them because I do not know.  But -- as the old saying goes -- "it ain't over 'till it's over,"  and this is only Day 2 of the 2017 Legislative session.
And finally, am I giving up for this session? ABSOLUTELY NOT.  I represent law-abiding gun owners statewide and they depend on me to fight for them and I will."

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