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What Do You Love More?

One of the stated purposes of the Bush-Obama wars of the 21st century is to conduct "nation-building"  (a concept General George Patton would likely find foreign to a warrior) and to bring democracy to the nations of the world. But how can we expect the people of Afghanistan and  other nations  to engage in Jeffersonian Democracy  when  Jeffersonian Democracy is dying or dead in our own?

So I ask what do you love more?

Liberty or Social Security,



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Keep An Eye on Those Who Talk Down the Constitution

Experience teaches us, especially in the area of politics, not to believe in coincidence.  Just this week two stories have made the news regarding our "outdated" Constitution.  First, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg instructed nations looking to draft a constitution to NOT look at the U.S. constitution for guidance because it doesn't focus enough on human rights.  Then, in a New York Times article, two professors make the case that the U.S. Constitution is losing appeal with people around the…


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Words Mean Things

As a consumer of news, a.k.a. a political junkie, I get annoyed when the pundits, "experts" and politicians, use euphemisms or false phrases to purposely mislead or confuse the listener.  The left uses this tactic all the time, i.e. Marxist, communist, socialist, progressive, liberal, leftist and now back to progressive.  Once people figure out they don't like the goods they are being sold, voila, just change the name and keep plugging along. To them it's never a problem with the message,…


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Reconsidering the Two Front War Strategy

Obama is such a bad president that those in the cause of liberty reflexively oppose anything he proposes.  We all know that the nation is over 15 trillion dollars in debt, a debt on unborn generations, a debt that will likely never be repaid.  Most people with even  basic economic literacy admit that the size of government must decrease.  Progressives do not want any decrease in social welfare programs while conservatives refuse to consider any cuts to national defense.  Each side…


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The Second Amendment, the Supreme Court and 2012

Following the Supreme Court’s ruling in McDonald v. Chicago, a landmark decision that determined whether the Second Amendment applies to the individual states, I cautioned gun owners and constitutionalists that the battle is not over and that the opponents of liberty will not abandon their goal of taking away the right to keep and bear arms.  Now we have the proof.

Speaking at a fundraiser event for the President, Michelle Obama said, “In just 13 months, we’re going to make a…


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Happy Birthday Bill of Rights It was Nice Knowing You...

The Bill of Rights is 220 years old today having come into effect as Constitutional Amendments on December 15, 1791, through the process of ratification by three-fourths of the States.  Over the past few weeks I have been trying to draw attention, as have others, to the issue of the indefinite detention of Americans contained within the National  Defense Authorization Act.  Those opposed to this act have failed to force a national debate on this issue…


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Put it all on 24 Black... Do Floridians Believe in the Right to Contract?

Freedom of contract is the freedom of individuals and corporations to form contracts without government restrictions.  This freedom is found within the principles of liberty imbedded within the Constitution and is the foundation of our free market economic system.  

The Florida Constitution guarantees individuals the right to have access to courts for redress of grievances.  Unfortunately not all Floridians have this right.  If you are injured in an on the job accident in…


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Detainee Policy vs. The Constitution

A small corner of conservative punditry has been ablaze over the Senate's passage of S. 1867, formally known as the ‘‘National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012’’.  Buried within this 926 page bill covering things such as healthcare benefits for the armed forces and stationing more destroyers at Mayport, are two provisions, sections 1031 and 1032, which have the potential to undermine our Constitutional liberties.  I am concerned that the media coverage of this issue, especially…


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In Other News the Constitution has been Repealed

Good news, we can all put away, no throw away, our pocket Constitutions.  We can stop waiving them around and quoting the Founders.  With the passage of SB 1867 we now live in the functional equivalent of a police state with no protections under the Fourth or Fifth Amendments.  1867 also removed the prohibitions from the Uniform Code of Military Justice against sodomy and bestiality, I had no idea sex with animals was so important to a well ordered military. 

And all of this…


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Support President Obama

With that title I trust I have your attention on an important issue to those who support liberty over tyranny.  This week the Senate, with 44 Republicans including Marco Rubio, passed the Defense Authorization Bill which allows for unlimited detention of American Citizens accused  of supporting terrorism. 


This means that I, an American citizen, could be accused of supporting Al-Qaeda by either the President or Attorney General, arrested and shipped to Guantanamo Bay…


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Do we still have a Constitution?

The Fifth Amendment to the Constitution states in part that no person shall "be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law..."  Article I Sec. 8 of the Constitution, listing the enumerated powers of the government states, states that Congress has the power to declare war and issue letter of Marque and Reprisal.  These are the only to provisions of the Constitution under which Congress could grant the authority to the President to authorize killing of enemy combatants.…


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I'm Calling Out Michelle Bachmann

In the last two Republican presidential debates Michelle Bachmann has declared that a State has no authority to require it's citizens to purchase a good, i.e. healthcare as in Massachusetts.  She is absolutely wrong and it is quite frankly embarrassing that as a lawyer she does not know our constitutional framework of government while passing herself off as a guardian of the Constitution and the "Tea Party" candidate.


The Federal Constitution is a limited framework of…


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Market Based Immigration Reform

This week the First District Court of Appeals in Tallahassee issued a little noticed opinion  that may have far reaching implications in establishing what I and others call "market based immigration reform."  The dirty little secret is that crony capitalism has delayed and prohibited meaningful immigration reform for far too long.  The government likes to collect payroll taxes on illegal workers knowing that in most instances they will not have to pay that money back to those workers in the…


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Glocks vs Docs Lawsuit

This session the Legislature passed a law prohibiting doctors from questioning patients about gun and ammunition ownership unless that information is necessary to the health or safety of the patient.  Not surprisingly several doctors represented by Brady Campaign anti-gun lawyers have filed a lawsuit.


I was interviewed by  First Coast News about this issue.  The link below is to the news story.



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Have Some Fun With a Congressman

If you want to have some fun call Congressman Corinne Brown's D.C. office (202) 225-0123 and ask  why drug testing welfare recipients amounts to "an extreme and illegal invasion of personal privacy," but the actions of TSA are not.  

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Drug Testing ALL Welfare Recipents

Yesterday Gov. Scott signed into law the requirement that welfare recipients undergo drug testing to receive government funds.  The usual suspects, including the ACLU, have come out in opposition and vow to challenge the law in court.  I don't usually offer political advice to Democrats but I will in this instance.


Instead of their knee jerk opposition to the law, Democrats should come out and say that the new law does not go far enough and that no one who…


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Union Thuggery Protected By Law

Day after day we see videos of union members engaged in acts of intimidation or outright physical violence against those who dare question or challenge their plunder of tax payer dollars. You may have asked yourself, "How does Big Labor get away with this? How do they go unpunished?" The answer is a shocking one. Their violent acts are protected by the United States Supreme Court.

In 1934 Congress passed the Anti-Racketeering Act to combat organized crime by prohibiting the use or…


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Litigation in the Social Media Age

In the era of Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, it did not take long for the trend to display every aspect of one's personal life to begin impacting litigation.  Defense lawyers, primarily in personal injury and employment discrimination cases, are asking for, and courts are granting, permission to obtain both public and private online social media content. 


I have had clients in my own cases asked for information regarding their screen names and on which sites…


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Call Your Congressman!

This is no time for the sunshine soldier and summer patriot.  We all knew that the election was the easy part, and now we know, and our elected leaders know, that governing is hard.


The tax bill can still be defeated in the House.  Obama is telling Democrats that if this fails his presidency will fail.  So let's help him.  Call your Congressman and urge them to vote NO.  Tell them to wait until conservative reinforcements arrive in January.



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