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American Patriot News

The American Patriot News is published every second week in 23 Florida Counties and 7 States by OPR (Operation Paul Revere) Association.  The screen shot of the partial front page is just a sampling.  The full paper can be found at the FCTP Office.  Stop by to get your free copy.…


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Announcing - Admin Asst. Position open for FCTP

If you or someone you know is interested in being considered for the position of FCTP Admin. Asst., please submit your resume, along with your references to:  Or you can cal 683-3945 for more information.

This job posting will be open to receive resumes from Nov. 23rd through Dec. 4th.  Don't hesitate if you are interested.

See the full announcement below:…


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Support for the NRA

Do you recognize one of the ladies standing to the speakers right (our view she's on the left)?  It is Star Parker.  She spoke at one of our previous April 15th Tax Day events.  Great lady, great speaker.

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Obama's Broken Promises

These 2 wonderful people are parents of a friend of mine.  The video was produced by FreedomWorks

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Participate in Politics or........

One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics

is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. –– Plato

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     I've read articles about the percentage of people who were opposed to the American Revolution, the percentage who were apathetic and the percentage who actually did something to help. 

     If you had been alive back during the founding of our country, what group would you have been in?  Against, Apathetic or Involved?

     Well, I know that since you are a member of the First Coast Tea Party you are not apathetic to the preservation of our great country.  You are in the…


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The real "Angry Birds"

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Cell Phones - The other assault weapon

I did not write this, but received it from a friend via email.   

 Liberals would have us believe that the 2nd Amendment does not protect a citizen's right to possess a firearm.  The more generous or perhaps disingenuous allow that while the 2nd Amendment may allow the possession of firearms, There is no need for a class of weapons that only a liberal can recognize as, "assault weapons".  They take exception to high capacity magazines, but never differentiate between…


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Republican Executive Committee (REC) Elections

On Monday, December 3rd, the REC will elect new leadership. 

There are two people who are very active and giving in the First Coast Tea Party (FCTP)) who are running for positions on the REC - Michael Jackson, running for Vice Chair and Kim Gibbons, running for Secretary.

Michael has been an integral part of the First Coast Tea Party; very giving, involved, dedicated and energetic.  He works hard and follows through (necessary character traits for this REC…


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2012 Eagle Christmas Ornament


Third Annual FCTP Christmas Ornament!

To order email LeAnne King at or call the office at 683-3945 to arrange pick up.  Also available at Atlantic Laser, 1521 Penman Rd.,…


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Your Money, Your Values, Your Vote 2012 Tour in Jacksonville

Next Tuesday, Aug. 21st The Heritage Foundation and the Family Research Council will join the First Coast Tea Party at River City Brewing Company, 835 Museum Circle.  Their bus, the Values Bus will be there.

Come at 5 pm for food, music networking.  Then from 6-8:30 you will have the pleasure of hearing Genevieve Wood of The Heritage Foundation and Jeanne Monahan of Family Research Council  along with Insights from Local Leaders on a variety of topics dealing with our American…


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Silen Running in the Gulf!

Silent Running

Russian attack submarine sailed in Gulf of Mexico undetected for weeks, U.S. officials say
Russian Akula Submarine / AP

Russian Akula Submarine / AP



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FCTP Gun Raffle

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UN Arms Treaty Targeting US Guns

Check out this link to see what Dick Morris has to say about the treaty.

Dick Morris - Obama will sign gun control July 27

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Land of the Freebies, Home of the Enslaved

Good information on this video.  Most of you know this stuff, but it is a good video to send to others.

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Weary Soldiers for America

Stress, confusion, disappointment, anger, depression, shock, distrust, disillusionment;  this list could go on and on as we delve more and more into the changes our country has taken since the “great awakening of the common folk”, just a little over 3 years ago.

 Many of us have fought the battles daily against the destruction of our freedom and we grow weary.  We attend meetings, set up rallies, work to educate others, read and listen to the leftist-media, research the truth and cry…


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Executive Order - Assignment of Nat'l Security & Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions, July 6, 2012

Executive Order -- Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions

The White House

Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release

July 06, 2012

Executive Order -- Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions


- - - - - - -



By the authority vested in me as President…


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I would love to give the Pastor of this predominantly black church in

Virginia a hug and a high five. This guy is obviously a leader.

Perhaps we should each decide who our real leader is.....It is amazing to see that very little has

changed in 4,000 years.



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     Earlier this week while driving across town I noticed a couple vehicles with Obama 2012 on them.  Later in the week I saw vehicles with American flag bumper stickers and other stickers showing their patriotism and pride in America.  Then I got to thinking - did the Obama 2012 vehicles have anything about American pride or patriotism?  I think Not.

     That was the "observation" part of this blog. 

     Here's the "challenge" part - let's see how many vehicles we can find…


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National Debt Clock


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