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At 10:15am on September 4, 2013, Marty Halverson said…
Thank you for your quick response! I am not sure I can join the 9/11 event, but I agree, what a great opportunity to network. When is the deadline for enrolling for the trip? Will we be meeting with any political "people"? I will be checking the events calendar and contacting you soon. Thank you. Marty
At 8:05am on September 4, 2013, Marty Halverson said…
I would like to become more involved in the movement. Please let me know some of the opportunities of which I may avail myself. Thank you.
At 11:39pm on January 3, 2013, francisco acosta said…

Thank you Patricia, i was down after the election but ready to go again, have anything on the agenda for this month?

At 7:44pm on August 28, 2012, Leanne King said…

Pat, thanks for the note, I had to set all mine to approve as we had some things get out of control.. I just changed it as that may not work so well with the membership program..Thanks for making me aware... Hear you had another Awesome meeting.Well Done Lady

At 5:50pm on April 5, 2012, Patricia M. McBride said…

Yes, Roma they did.   5,200 or 5,300 roughly which is huge for something like this.  People from all over the state went up in arms and answered the call to fight this bill, and they not only ignored the people, they voted this in with a huge majority and only 2 or 3 people in both houses didn't vote in favor of it.  The problem is, so many of our city governments are up to their eyeballs in this agenda 21 garbage and they have gone around the bend.  Governor Scott wanted to put an end to doing the agenda 21, so I am hoping he will veto this bill.  Can our representatives over ride the governor's veto?  I hope not.

At 4:45pm on April 5, 2012, Roma and Tom said…

Many people called our State Representatives, but they passed it anyway.  hopefully, Governor Scott will be wiser. 

At 3:15pm on April 5, 2012, Jeanne DeSilver said…

 I also called Governor Scott's office regarding HB7117.  This is something I didn't used to do, but it's easy, and a good habit to get into!

At 2:46pm on April 5, 2012, Roma and Tom said…

Thank you Ed. I called Governor Scott's office this morning about this bill.  

At 1:55pm on April 5, 2012, Ed Oertli said…

Campaign for Liberty does a nice recap:

I wrote you in February about HB7117, a “green” energy bill that President Obama will love.  HB7117 amounts to our own version of the Solyndra solar boondoggle and is chock full of subsidies, tax incentives and grants to alternative energy companies.  Consider this quote from James Taylor of the Heartland Institute:

“Sitting on Gov. Rick Scott’s desk right now is House Bill 7117, legislation that imposes new obstacles on the construction of power plants generating inexpensive electricity from natural gas or coal, directs state regulators to grease the wheels for expensive wind and solar electricity, sticks cash-strapped Florida families with new and costlier handouts to the wind, solar and ethanol industries, and authorizes local communities to impose additional taxes to fund still more renewable power subsidies.”

I fear that the Florida legislature is jumping on board with the United Nations Agenda 21. Legislative committee staff analysis of HB7117 includes this quote:

“The state shall reduce its energy requirements through enhanced conservation and efficiency measures in all end-use sectors and reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide by promoting an increased use of renewable energy resources. That act also declared it the public policy of the state to play a leading role in developing and instituting energy management programs that promote energy conservation, energy security, and the reduction of greenhouse gases.

HB7117 uses our tax money to:

  • Provide Tax incentives to promote the development of renewable energy.
  • Allow local governments to use the discretionary sales surtaxes to acquire land for public recreation, conservation, or protection of natural resources.
  • Provide State investment in Hydrogen-powered vehicles and hydrogen vehicle fueling stations.
  • Provide technical assistance and guidance on growth and development issues, grants, and other assistance to local communities.
  • Manage the activities of public-private partnerships.
  • Provide State investment in grant awards for the development of ethanol.
  • Grant financial incentives to energy producers who use woody biomass as fuel.

Unfortunately and despite thousands of phone calls opposing this boondoggle, the Florida Legislature passed this bill almost unanimously. It is now on Governor Scott’s desk for his review. We must call Governor Scott’s office and ask him to VETO this Solyndra-style “green” hand-out to special interest groups.

Call Governor Scott today at (850) 488-4441.

In Liberty,

John Hallman
Legislative Affairs Director
Florida Campaign for Liberty

At 1:51pm on April 5, 2012, Ed Oertli said…

Hi Patricia,

  I enjoy vieing your blogs on the website. I was hoping you could post a notice for all the Tea Party members about this march toward Agenda 21 that is gong on from our Florida House that has produced this horrible HR 7117 Bill. The Bill that is now sitting on Gov Scott's desk. We must all notify all Tea Party Patriots to call and write Gov Scott not to sign that bill. I have called and written him after Peggy Hall notified me below: 

Hi Peggy!

  Thanks for the info. I have called John Thrasher’s Office and let his office know how we are all against this

Agenda 21 takeover.  John Thrasher and all of the others Senator that voted should be voted out of office!

Looks like they are just available to the highest bidder. Our last hope to stop this horrible Legislation is

Gov Scott. I have written him a letter and talked with his assistant. Hopefully he will stand-up for the

Taxpayers and The Constitution. We’ll see.


 I check out our Tea Party Website and I see nothing about stopping this Bill. Perhaps you can get something

posted to all the Tea Party members? I have a attached a letter from the Campaign for Liberty which does a good job of summarizing the immense problems with this bill.


We need everyone to call / write the Governor immediately—It is on his desk as we speak. We must stop the tyranny takeover.


Ed Oertli
Cell:          904-629-1316


From: Peggy Hall []
Sent: Monday, April 02, 2012 9:22 PM
To: Peggy Hall
Subject: Urgent; immediate action required on Florida Bill SB2094/CS/CS/HB 7117 -SJ 1071
Importance: High



Hello everyone,


Below is a message of importance for us all.


Please respond to your state and federal legislators as explained below. 


And at their next elections, please remember the names Andy Gardiner and Adam Putnam at the voting booth. 

 The bills in question are SB2094 Energy Bill (senate) and HB7117 Energy Bill (house) and they both passed in spite of a outpouring of Email opposed to both these bills (5,300 Emails).   We do not have the money for this, and it will mean increases in property taxes and most likely a hike in the sales tax if it is signed into being by the governor. 

 We are asking folks to take immediate action on this if at all possible. The bill is sitting on the governor's desk right now waiting for his signature and was sent there Friday morning, so please either call the governor and tell him you do not favor the bill at (850) 488-7146 or go here, and click on send an Email and let him know how you feel.

 We need to contact our senators and our representatives in the house and let them know we are not happy with them (there is a link below to find yours).  The house bill was sponsored by Adam Putnam and the senate bill was sponsored by Andy Gardiner and in spite of a public outpouring against these b

At 8:20am on February 20, 2012, Patricia M. McBride said…

John, that is terrific.  Wow are you talented, and how true.  The thing these folks don't consider that is really serious is that some of the children they interfer with have allergies and other medical issues, and they are forcing food on them that they think they should have when it may have something in it that they can't eat.  Some are allergic to milk, some are allergic to all sorts of other things, or they just plain don't like what is presented and won't eat it then, they don't get anything to eat which is worse for them than eating lunch from home that is prepared just for them based on what they can have or what they will eat.  The thing that is going to happen with these overbearing fools, is they are going to kill someone child with their we know all philosopy, because apparently the witch up in Washington has children who aren't allergic, and it wouldn't even occur to her that not all children are like her children.

At 11:33am on January 29, 2012, Jason Fischer said…
I tried to send u a message last night and that's how I found out I hadnt added you yet. Glad we connected!
At 8:41am on November 21, 2011, Jim Klauder said…

Patricia: Great post.  I hope all those who follow your comments will check out my web page:  Especially the tab "Why I am Running" 

At 12:01pm on August 2, 2011, FATHIYYAH MUHAMMAD said…
Patricia: Thanks for your kind remarks. We the People are on the right side of history.  I do motivational speaking at local schools, explaining what the TEA PARTY is about, and why its relavant in this day and time.  Keep up the good fight.  Fathiyyah (the hat lady.
At 10:47am on July 17, 2011, Tom Wright said…


I knw that there is a REC meeting Monday Night.

Do you know the time and place?

If so , please post.


Tom Wright

At 11:24am on June 26, 2011, CJ said…
How can I get you my email with out it going on line for everyone?
At 2:20pm on June 07, 2011, CJ gave Patricia M. McBride a gift
We have not met yet I am a friend of Rod Morrill. The 4 new bills addressing everbank only need two readings according to City Council Rules. 2 other new bills are bad for us too. Connie B
At 10:25am on February 25, 2011, Leanne King said…
Pat, sorry I ended up with a few plastic things which I will put aside for future events.. Have a good day..
At 8:57am on February 22, 2011, Leanne King said…
Pat, are they white?  If so they may be on my counter and am not sure how I ended up with them.. sorry
At 3:52pm on December 2, 2010, Donna Selph said…
Patricia, I spoke with the principal at the school that supposedly was banning anything Christmas. She denied it and stated that the newspapers that had originally printed this had done a retraction. She also told me that this has caused some much trouble at the school that they had to have police stationed around the school all day.

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