Your Morning Tea - Lane Watkins Heritage Action For America Award

This Morning we have a small change in your "tea"

This “Morning Tea” is being dedicated to an individual that many members of the First Coast Tea Party not only know but have had the privilege and honor to have worked with.

The word Patriot is defined as “a person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion.” Next to it there should be a picture of Lane Watkins.

In the following you will read the words of just three of the many people who know Lane and of his devotion to country.
Often recognition is slow to be received as in the case of Lane. But, his objective was never to be recognized, for this man he was just serving his country and his fellow man.


Karen Jaroch writes:
“Lane promoted principles over his paycheck during the government shutdown of 2013 which earned him the Heritage Action for America award! He was awarded this in November 2014 but the plaque bearing his name was just installed on the Wall of Honor at the Heritage Action offices in DC. Congratulations Lane!"

"I met Lane first when he and I went to Wisconsin to knock on doors in 2012 for Gov Scott Walker's recall election. His crew was always the first to leave in the morning and the last to return after dark. On Sunday morning when no teams were scheduled to go out, Lane volunteered to go out and do literature drops! No rest for the weary for Lane!
Lane has volunteered for many local and national conservative groups. He is a blessing for me and Heritage Action for his work as a Sentinel for Heritage Action. He has built relationships with his congressman and has been able to influence him directly on several key policy areas for us. Like most engineers, Lane fully researches an issue and easily sifts through the details and grasps key facts that he is able to articulate to win others to his position.
I know that Lane is a workhorse when it comes to getting his candidate elected. He's not shy about walking a neighborhood, talking on a phone call or doing behind the scenes organizing to get his candidate across the finish line. On policy, he spearheaded a broad coalition letter of grassroots groups in Florida opposed to the Gang of Eight's Comprehensive Immigration Reform and another one on Repealing Obamacare.
One of Lane's objectives is also to unify the grassroots as evidenced by his twitter handle @UnifyUSA. He uses twitter to hold twitter rallies that bring awareness to his pet issues and to lobby elected representatives."

"In October 2013 Heritage Action was contacted by Fox News who was doing a story on the government shutdown and wanted to interview folks across the country that were directly harmed by the shutdown, but were not swayed by profits or paychecks to deviate from their principles. I immediately thought of Lane and the rest is recorded TV history! While all federal government employees were compensated fully for their time during the shutdown, many government contractors like Lane were not so lucky and many like him lost their jobs. It's one thing to hold a position you hold dear when the consequences are few, but quite another thing when your livelihood is at stake!

Lane will no doubt figure prominently in the restoration of our great Republic and is a model for all of us to follow!”
Florida Grassroots Manager
Heritage Action For America

The following is the FOX NEWS report, Lane Watkins and Sequestration.

Debbie Gonzalez: Previous FCTP Office Manager wrote:

“Lane was the first to step up to volunteer with me to start an FCTP “get out the vote” campaign. Lane, Jerry Merckel, and I analyzed several years of voter turnout data and created specific walk lists based on the data. We had several practice walks in areas around the FCTP office. Lane also traveled with me as a volunteer for Americans for Prosperity during the Scott Walker recall election in June of 2012”

Pat McBride: Previous Arlington Community Group Leader wrote:

“Before Lane moved out of Jacksonville, he was everywhere and helping everyone including us here in Arlington. After he moved, he was driving to Jacksonville and to the Arlington area where he continued to be part of the group that walked neighborhoods here in Arlington. (And his wife also came a couple of times), because he knew knocking on doors was the most effective method for the candidates. Lane has been one of the people who spoke out on the Monday night Heritage Action group phone calls/updates on a regular basis and let folks know what he was doing in his area of Florida. He is a hard worker and very principled and many in the Arlington group knew him and liked him. He was a good fit for the work we were doing, because he worked hard and believed in what he was doing, knew what he was talking about, and was willing to spend time with folks to move them into our column.”
“I still keep in touch with him and get regular notes from him about bills in process and action requests.”

Just for your information the following is offered.

What is a Sentinel?
Sentinels are people that watch or stand guard, challenging all comers and preventing surprise attacks.
The Sentinel Program is open to all conservatives willing to do the hard work of congressional accountability.
When you become a Sentinel, we work with you individually, building your knowledge, growing your influence, and preparing you to take meaningful action. Sentinels commit to partnering with us to stand guard for freedom by leading their circles of influence and communicating with elected officials.

The following is the  What/Who of  Heritage Action for America

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Comment by Patricia M. McBride on May 31, 2015 at 10:08am

Lane very much earned this recognition!   He never stops fighting the good fight.

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