Your "Friday Tea" A Week Look ahead for Meetings and Events

Welcome to Friday Tea with the First Coast Tea Party.

Please take a look at upcoming meetings and events.

Monday, May 4th "All Beaches Community Group" monthly meeting, 6 to 7:15 PM, So. Beach Community Center,
2508 South Beach Parkway, Jacksonville Beach 32250
Randy McDaniels (ACT Jacksonville) will be our speaker "Sharia, Where Do We Go From Here?" This is the final
presentation in our 4 part series.

Thursday, May 7th NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER, see attached fliers on scheduled events/services

Tuesday, May 12th Let Freedom Sing Rehearsal, Keiser University, Jacksonville, 6:30 to 8:15 PM.


City of Jacksonville's Memorial Day Ceremony, Monday, May 25th, 8:30 AM to 10 AM, Veterans Memorial Wall, Jacksonville



Additional information along with election related details and dates are posted on our website:

Visit The FCTP FaceBook page for daily news stories and events.

First Coast Tea Party's Vision: A strong America that preserves and protects opportunities for future generations.

First Coast Tea Party's Mission: To effectively impact our local communities, to include the selection and actions of our elected and appointed officials.

First Coast Tea Party Headquarters
7235 Bonneval Rd., Suite 315
Jacksonville, Fl. 32256
Phone: 904-683-3945
Office open by appt.

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Comment by John A. Beyerle on May 6, 2015 at 11:07am

Where are all the Catholics? I suppose I'll have to go to represent all of us True Believers, if I can get up off my gluteals. 

I am beginning to think that it is going to take some sort of Great Revival by some church that will go into the poorer sections of our nation and convince the folks that a return to the basic 10 Commandments is an absolute must if our country is going to have a future that IS  NOT like that of Europe. The slow movement into a fascist form of governance. The large corporations that are linked to government contracts via political funding, crony capitalism with the slow demise of small business and the dependence of significant no. of voters who will continue to vote for this type of dependency on government funding for almost everything, education, healthcare, food, housing,etc.

I am aware that obstacles still exist to this. We have a republican form of gov. 50 states, separate but equal? But, if U look, U will notice that those who desire this Europeanization continue to move the Federal Gov. into pulling as much power away from the states towards D.C. as is possible. The Supreme Court could, if they desired, stem the flow but I've come to the conclusion that half of the judges like the idea no matter what the Constitution states.


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The First CoastTea Party is a non-profit organization. We have no deep-pocketed special interest funding our efforts.

You may contact us at:

First Coast Tea Party
1205 Salt Creek Island Dr
Ponte Vedra, FL 32082

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