TPN: Florida's Debt hits $166 Billion; Governor Scott needs your support

Everyone is focused on our national debt. Few have looked at debt held by each of the 50 states. If you want to understand where your state stands just go to and in the upper left corner is a pull down menu to view the debt held by your state.


I did that for Florida and what I saw was shocking. Today Florida holds over $166.6 billion in debt. The total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for Florida is just over $770 billion. That means Florida's debt to GDP ratio is 21.6%. That is higher than California's.


I recently had Senator Mike Bennett, President Pro Tempore of the Florida Senate, on my Red County Radio program and showed him the national debt clock and Florida's debt clock. Needless to say he was shocked.


According to the Florida Debt Clock we have revenue of $139 billion but are spending nearly $198 billion. We have over 1 million un-employed and over 3.3 million on food stamps.


If you add each states' debt to the national debt our economy is in grave danger of collapsing from the crush of this spending without limits.


It is time for politicians at every level to make the hard choices and do what is best for our state, nation and future generations. Cut spending, do not raise the national debt ceiling and reduce the size and scope of government.


Not to do so is economic suicide, which will be followed by social collapse. Floridians need to look at Greece and understand we are looking in the mirror.


What are the tea parties doing in the state of Florida to push the politicians in the right direction? Rick Scott needs our help.


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