At the monthly meeting of the Beaches group at Angies Jerry Merckel and Bob Tipton presented a program to a standing room only crowd of patriots.The subject was the Federal Reserve or as we call it The Creature from Jekyll Island.More than half of the crowd were first timers which is hearting that more citizens are seeking a way to stop the intentional destruction of our beloved country.

While the presentation went into detail too extensive to present here- the highlites were--

 1)The Federal Reserve is a PRIVATELY OWNED COMPANY--the owners are member banks-some indiviuals-some non U S banks There is no ownership by the U S Government.


2)By law the Creature has never been audited NEVER.


 3)There is nothing of value backing the currency-NOTHING- When we were on the Gold standard each piece of paper money issued had in bold print on the face--Redeemable in GOLD at the U S Treasury.This pledge was the guiding benchmark as to how much paper money we could print.Now with nothing but air backing our paper there is no limit to the money supply.Look at the face of any paper money in your pocket. Do you see a pledge of anything??Hell no. There is nothing.

I would suggest you read The Creature from Jekyll Island -a second look--by G> E GRIFFIN-It explains in great detail the creature.


The power of the Tea party educational programs was shown in the announcement   by Newt Gingrich on the same day as the Angies  presentation stating he demands  an audit of The Federal Reserve-striping the creature of its ownership by private stockholders the very thing we have been demanding.Go Newt

We patriots can and will make a differance if we join together and shout to the world we are mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore.

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