Let's be clear- the entire Trayvon Martin ordeal is a tragedy with no winners, only exploiters. The Martin family has handled the entire ordeal with grace.

Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson wax loudly of injustice and racism. However, in order to have the racism label appear credible, these merchants of misery have had to create a sub-group of ethnicity called "white hispanic". This was accomplished so as to not alienate the hispanics yet still manufacture a crisis with the label white. These snake-oil salesman are aided and abetted by their friends in the media, both printed and broadcast.
Enter Mr. Obama, who will pollute our city later this week, with his regal proclamation that he, too, could have been Mr. Martin. Really? Obama could have been Mr. Martin? The same Obama who has his daughters attend elite private schools paralleling his own experience in elite private schools?
The horrendous outcome to the "Zero-In-Chief" uttering such nonsense is that the president of the United States is so engrossed in his image and self-righteousness that he feels compelled to usurp the foundation of our legal rights, a jury of our peers, and rush to judgement in a subjective and emotional manner. Why bother with the judicial system when the elite ruling class has predetermined our fate? Mr. Obama has, essentially, ushered us back into the Middle Ages and has made serfs of all of us.
Furthermore, Mr. Obama, being elected by all colors and classes of people, seeks to violate his oath of office and represent only a segment of the population of his choosing. Mr. Obama, apparently, does not wish to represent "white hispanics" or any other sub-group of his liking. 
Instead of rejecting emotional calls by lynch crowds, why does not Mr. Obama use this moment to address the issues which impact all of our society, such as the dismantling of the black family, black-on-black crime, the poverty of values and opportunities? Where are the teachings of MLK and Ghandi evident in this case?
Here is a salient thought- had Mr. Zimmerman been black, would we have heard of Trayvon. I'll bet not.
By uttering his callous remarks for the judicial process, Mr. Obama has encouraged anarchy and disrespect for the law while becoming a Merchant of Misery- a race-baiter.


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