Place the blame at the feet of the guilty

Since the roll out of titled Obama Care we have seen many different fingers pointed over the skyrocketing costs in health insurance premiums contrary to what Obama promised the American people. Obama has tried to lay blame on “Bad Apple Insurers” as he terms it for the rising costs now being felt by millions of Americans. Are insurance companies not a business with employees who must be paid for their jobs? If the cost rises to produce a loaf of bread in a bakery what does the baker do? If the cost of gas raises what does the gas station owners do? We do not sell our products for less than they cost or at a point where a profit can not be turned. This is economics 101… If the price of wheat rises the baker in turn pays more for it and in turn passes the cost to the consumer. What else is he to do? If the big oil companies charge more for petroleum the cost of gas at the pump with inevitably rise. Do we blame the gas station for the price increase? No, we know that the oil companies prices for a barrel of oil has risen causing this. So what if the cost of prescriptions explodes? Who do we blame? Unfortunately we are seeing this with skyrocketing insurance premiums now! We can in fact blame the ACA and Obama for forcing it down the throat of America with such dictatorial force! Government panels have absolutely no place in determining your health care needs. That is an issue for the patient and the doctor to confer upon alone, in private. It is not for a panel of government officials to decide who gets what and how. This is America people! But this is great; it gives free health care… What? No it does not! NOTHING the government gives to one person that it did not take from another. End of story!!! There is no way around this simple truth. Socialized medicine allows a panel of officiates to determine who gets care, when, how and if… This power needs to be given back to the doctors and doctors alone with insurance there only to help with paying the cost. Socialized medicine does not work. The issue that has been ignored all along for some reason is not the insurance companies and this is mind blowing why we fail to touch upon the real issue that has plagued the health care system in this country for so long. I intend to unravel it now… Do you realize how much profit the Pharmaceutical companies rake in from Americans? It is astounding and they are not called out on it in the way they should! Did you know that even know there are major patents about to expire on certain super profit drugs, these companies are going to profit between $10 and $35 billion over the next decade. This is even under new regulations imposed under ACA. If you never need prescription under your insurance plan but the man next door needs prescriptions that cost over $1,000 dollars a month where do you think the insurance company will balance the loss from the quiet guy living next door? Silent Joe is obviously not paying upwards of $1,000 a month for his premiums to cover that cost. (Some medicines cost $1,000 alone.) The cost is shifted to you and everyone else as a result. Between 1988 and 2009 pharmaceutical companies raked in 3 to 37 times over all industry standards. Now this depended on the years, but you can infer a gross problem here. Of course the pharmaceutical industry spends a great deal in R&D but again it is shown that they send far less than other industries do in light of research and development. Why is almost nobody putting pressure back on these mega giants? Who is protecting them and why? You may not be surprised… Why must our whole health care system here become socialized instead of adding regulations to force the profit margins to be transferred into affordable costs for Americans instead? Why is the pharmaceutical industry shielded from recourse? Why when other companies get too large and out of control D.C. steps in to regulate costs. Why not here? What makes this industry different? In 1950 Heath care costs with pharmaceuticals included consisted of around 4.5% of our GDP. Take a guess at what heath care, all whistles included represent in today’s market? Around 16% of our GDP or about $192,000,000,000 a year how ever you want to look at it. Now here is the part that should have been focused long before the insurance companies and socializing of Americas Health care system… The U.S. based pharmaceutical industry will explode in value here soon. Why is that??? This will happen because the ACA will force the market to boom with many more, millions of new prescription customers. The pharmaceutical industry will profit extremely from this despite new ACA regulations. The profits will rise by 33% from last year by year 2020. Last years profits were $350 billion and in year 2020 the projected profits are expected to be or exceed $476 billion. So while the insurance industry is blamed for ballooning costs the Pharmaceutical companies profit off of American misery.

“Companies will have to make a few financial sacrifices when the new reforms come into force,” Owide said. “However, they have been able to engineer the new legislation to minimize the negative impact on their profitability. Overall, the ACA will leave the industry with anywhere between $10 and 35 billion in additional profits over the next decade, which is a significant boon at a time when patent expiries are heavily undermining the efforts of the pharma industry.”

I’ll tell you why Obama wants focus shifted on the “Bad Apple” insurance companies as he terms it. He made a deal with the pharmaceutical companies to allow them to continue gouging Americans while his intention is to force the insurance companies out eventually 
He wants a single payer system. He has said other wise contradicting his own words to suit his plans, but here it is on video laying out his plan in 2008 Again he contradicts himself by saying he is not in favor of single payer health care. Seen here Obama went on to make threats to pharmaceutical companies to get their public backing of his ACA and that is where the wiggle room in the legislation came from that has so benefited the drug companies. If you remember they have vehemently fought against any regulation that would force them to make their products more affordable for Americans. Why the turn about? Ask Obama? It is time to hold the pharmaceutical companies accountable for the misery they inflict upon America by undue price gouging. And what else must we do? We must hold Obama accountable for not forcing the correct policies on these drug companies while demanding instead that Americans accept Communist principles that strip away our liberties while big corporations gets rich. The solution to this is simple enough… We must fully repeal Obama care 1st of all. 2ndly it is time to impose regulations on the Pharmaceutical industry that engenders a profit cap on the drugs they market to Americans. 3rd it is beyond time to begin to taking care of our own people before sending countless tax dollars to aid other countries, most of which hate America any way. It is time to use that money to help those unable to afford health care here stateside before we concern our selves abroad. It is only about 8% of Americans who would fall into the free status under this law while 92% of the country is expected to pay the bill in higher premiums and mostly for things we do not need. It is time to use “foreign aid money” for our OWN needs… Obama it is time for you to realize this is not a socialist country. It has not worked anywhere in the world and it will not here either. You have worn out your welcome and we demand that you resign!


Eric Elliott

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