1.) Republicans and most people in the media  refer to Democrats as Socialists. They are wrong . Democrats today are PURE COMMUNISTS and they should be called as such. Socialism sounds like a nice word, but COMMUNISM is a lot more anti-American and evil.

2.) Republicans and everyone in the media say this upcoming election is MOST IMPORTANT. I agree. Then, if this is the case, why are not all Republican elected officials campaigning and speaking out in support of Scott and DeSantis ?.This applies to Mayor Curry, Republican members of City Council  and the Legislature. It is not asking too much that they campaign for themselves while at the same time express their support for Scott and DeSantis and ATTACK Gillum and Nelson. The answer might be that most of them are self-serving politicians only interested in their re-election and not in what is crucial for the state and the nation. It seems like Trump is the only Republican going out of his way to support other Republicans.

3.)The following is a joke I would like to say if allowed: Why didn't Mayor Curry show up to welcome Jeanette Nunez when she came to town on Monday? The answer is he could not get a permission slip from Sha Khan.😃

4.) I listened to the last debate and again Gillum brought up the issue of "monkeying around". DeSantis should have answered, Yes, I should apologize, not to you, Gillum , but to the MONKEYS.😃😃😊☺

5.) DeSantis and all Republicans should be more like TRUMP: take the OFFENSIVE, BE POLITICALLY INCORRECT AND NEVER BACK DOWN. That is why and how Trump got elected, not by being polite wimps.

6.) Points 1 and 2 above are what I personally expressed to Jeanette Nunez on Monday and to Ann Scott on Thursday this week..

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