Mychal Massie: Forget everything else Obama has lied about

Certainly Mychal presents this to encourage us to think about all the lies up until now..............and he is right on so many levels!


A philosophy that has served me well my entire life is "the only reason a person hides something is because they have something to hide."  I have watched and listened countless numbers of times in my life as people tried to pretend they weren't trying to be clever by claiming they weren't hiding something when it was clear that they were.  But, they believing themselves to be "smarter than the average bear," to quote the great metaphysician Yogi Bear, thought they could make their deceit work.  Such is the case with Obama.

He is not just a liar -- he is a congenital liar.  And, even worse, he believes his own lies.  Which I suggest explains in large part why he so viciously defends his lies.  For him to accept that what he has said or claims to have done or not done is a lie is to admit that he is deeply and potentially (at this point) irretrievably flawed.  And to admit that would have a crushing effect on his already fragile psyche.  Which brings me to my point.

Forget everything else Obama has lied about.  Focusing solely on his pathetic lies about his healthcare legislation alone shows a man who is able to applaud (what we are working to make a short-lived victory) it as if he were successful because he had presented an alternative that the people accepted based on the summum bonum of said legislation.  He preened, chest bumped, and did his best mac-daddy swagger as if he had won the day based on the merit of the Bill juxtaposed to having conned and lied to the people of America.  

Then there is the 9-11 terrorist attack in Benghazi where he personally allowed Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty to be murdered when he had literally hours to save their lives.  And, as if that weren't bad enough, he sent Susan Rice in front of the cameras with a concocted lie that rivals any lie ever told by someone caught red-handed in a situation they had repeatedly denied being involved in.

In each of the instances referenced above, White House talking points, were issued and the mendacious liberal talking heads along with a compliant media immediately chirped in a chorus that rivaled the constancy of katydids on a hot southern night.

And now, after proving himself to be a liar the likes of which would make Erebus pay him tribute, Obama is trying to convince America that his reasons for invading Syria are altruistic.  Obama is the very face of dishonesty, and still blacks extol him, the media covers for him, and Boehner et al. are willing to betray us for him.  What we can be assured of is not just that Obama cannot be trusted, but, he, is a liar willing to do so without remorse or conscience.  His life, his political career, and the promotion of his legislation have been based on lies.  So what reason on earth is there to trust him now?  Especially since he still refuses to tell the truth about the murders in Benghazi and his promise of not having boots on the ground in Syria. 

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Comment by Patricia M. McBride on September 13, 2013 at 11:41am

You have hit him dead to rights Franklin!   Everyone of those traits is true of "the one".

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