Florida cities -recipients of flood of illegals coming your way soon?

Will you & your family get a say?
This community spoke out loud & clear!
Have there been any Health & Human Services
in your communities yet? Is there a list of communities
they are targeted to receive them?
Maybe we can call HHS Dept & ask them- have not tried yet
yet but will Monday:
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Toll Free
: 1-877-696-6775
Remember, the flood is ongoing with no end in sight.
Remember any numbers you see are fluid. We have no guarantee
the influx will stop. Every illegal cost your family $ out of your pocket.
The issue of security & disease should definitely give your family 
Great Cause for Concern. Have the illegals been checked thoroughly
for diseases/infections such as scabies,chickenpox, MRSA,
TB-(one strain drug resistant),MRSA Staph infections
that many are carrying into our country?
Please remember any requests from our State Reps to the Feds
for more money is still coming out of our pockets. All Government
money is funded by We The People. They have no special government
Money Tree that grows money.
“Children Immigrants” An Impending Issue For Miami-Dade Schools
Florida state Rep. Jose Felix Diaz, R-Miami, added: “It’s unsustainable and unless the feds step in, we’re going to ourselves in a very big crisis.”
(Apopka near Orlando)
Apopka’s Hope Community Center sees influx of child immigrants - See more at:
One last thought...do you trust the numbers government gives us?
How many have come across that are not counted????

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Comment by Derby Ulloa on July 2, 2014 at 3:42pm
Hi Catherine, you might recall I mentioned this at one of our Northside  meetings months ago. But what no politician, Democrat or REPUBLICAN will mention is that we SHOULD DEPORT ALL ILLEGALS, specially those who have been here the longest. In addition to DEPORTATION, we should seize their assets. It is the RICO ACT that we use against drug dealers. We seize their cars, yachts, homes, etc. Once we start deportations and seizures of all their assets, most will self deport, and there will be plenty of jobs for American citizens. Ike was the last President to really enforce our immigration laws.

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