Duval County School Board to consider Mask Mandate TODAY!!

Received from our Wild Apricot friends and passing on...

The Duval County School Board has called an EMERGENCY Board Meeting Monday, August 23 at 2:00pm to consider MANDATORY MASKS for all students in defiance of Governor DeSantis Executive Order! The pro-mask & vaccine crazies will be there in force - WE MUST SHOW UP!!


There will be an emergency school board meeting tomorrow at 2:00 PM in the Cline Auditorium at the school board building. The emergency meeting has been called to discuss the ban on mask mandates the governor currently has in place.  The focus of this meeting is going to be to implement a mask mandate and to eliminate parental rights to opt out. According to firstcoastnews.com and news4jax.com school board member Darryl Willie, District 4, requested this emergency meeting to address mask mandates.

Typical school board committee meetings are held in the morning with very little public attendance.  At a recent committee meeting I attended on August 16th , eight parents spoke in favor of a mask mandate.  Not one person there spoke in opposition or in support of parental choice.  I had no idea parents were going to be there to make public comments on masks.  Comment cards must be turned in before meeting begins.  In the future I will be prepared to make a comment.

If there is anyone that can go to this emergency meeting in protest of mask mandates, we really need for you to show up and be there in person.  If you cannot go to meeting, PLEASE email each one of the school board members and the Superintendent in protest of a mask mandate for our children as well as in protest of violating Governors DeSantis’ ban on mask mandates.

Governor DeSantis has stated he will withhold salaries if ban on mask mandate is violated.  The Biden administration is offering to provide funding that is withheld from the state if school districts violate the ban.

I’ve included a link to school board and a form letter from America’s Frontline Doctor’s regarding mask use for children.  I’ve also included a letter that can be sent to the school board.  The author has given permission to use and wishes to remain anonymous. 

Sorry for the last minute notice but I just learned about this meeting this morning.

Draft email to School Board Members with email addresses (links will open a word document in your downloads):

Email to SB RE Emergency Mask Mtg on 8-23-21.docx

New York Mag - Science of Masking Kids Remains Uncertain.docx

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Comment by Vicky King on August 23, 2021 at 8:56pm

Much of this article is leftist propaganda but it gives the lowdown on DeSantis and what he can and can't do to protect Florida's school children from defiant school boards and the rabid ATF.

DeSantis backs away from threat to withhold salaries of school officials who defied his ban on mask mandates 

- ALLAHPUNDIT, Aug 13, 2021

"Well, he tried to fight in this case. Then his lawyers had a word with him and told him that the fight is canceled. What now?...There may be a way. According to Politico, “there is one big power the governor still retains — and could theoretically use: the authority to suspend an elected official.” DeSantis can remove a school official who’s broken the law, and has actually done it once before..."


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