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The vote will take place Wednesday when House Republicans meet to adopt their rules for the next Congress.

It was learned late last night three GOP members of the House of Representatives intend to bring back earmarks via a secret ballot vote, Wed, Nov 16, as part of a rules conference.  We need an avalanche of calls and tweets into the offices of these three Representatives, as well as our own.  The secret ballot makes it much easier for Reps to go along, with zero accountability.

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The following article provides history and charts


Those members are Reps Mike Rogers (R-AL), John Culberson (R-TX), and Tom Rooney (R-FL).

 Please call their offices today, and tweet to them (there is a meme attached for those of you who like a picture to go with your words).  Tell them American voters, under no circumstances, will accept a return to a Congressional tool historically abused, turning DC into a favor factory.

Rep Mike Rogers (R-AL):         (202) 225-3261         @RepMikeRogersAL

Rep John Culberson (R-TX):    (202) 225-2571         @JohnCulberson

Rep Tom Rooney (R-FL):         (202) 225-5792         @TomRooney


Here is the statement by Heritage Action CEO Mike Needham:

Their statement

Republican Congress Must Preserve Earmark Ban

Washington – "When House Republicans consider their conference rules for the 115th Congress later this week, there is likely to be an effort to overturn the longstanding conference ban on congressional earmarks. Heritage Action released the following statement from chief executive officer Michael A. Needham:"

“Americans in both parties are fed up with the cronyism and corruption in Washington, and seven days ago they delivered a stunning message to the nation’s ruling class. Any attempt to roll back the longstanding ban on congressional earmarks — the lubricant that empowers politicians to cut bad deals — would amount to a rebuke of those voters. Americans deserve an honest, transparent government that is working for everyone, not simply doling out favors to a well connected few.”

“fastening upon the minds of the American people the belief, that ‘the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.’

1809, author Thomas Charlton

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