My Day at the Villages at the Glenn Beck Rally

I got up at 5:15 am so I would be sure I could leave before 7am to start my journey to The Villages and arrive before 9:30 am. I was excited to make the trip because Glenn Beck was coming to The Villages for a rally. The Villages gave me great directions that actually took me down a great road through the Ocala National Forest. I arrived by 9:15, found a parking spot and went and got in line. You see, they were only giving out 2000 wristbands. They would not start giving them out until noon but I knew the line would start early and I was right. There was a line of a few hundred people when I arrived. So I took my place in line. I met some wonderful couples who lived there. I have found that at these events, I always make new friends and get to talk with like minded people. Ironic because I remember the day a gentleman called Glenn Beck in dispare. He said he felt alone. That is what prompted Glenn to create the 912 project site. I used to feel that way as well but no longer. I meet people everyday that feel just like I do and are willing to sacrifice to get our country back just like me. There were people from all walks of life, young, old, couples with children, moms with teenage daughters, Asian, Hispanic, White and Black. A young man in front of me in line had a Ron Paul t-shirt on and a tattoo on his arm that said,”We the People”...fantastic. We were all there, brought together, because of our beliefs and to see Glenn.

After I got my wristband I found a nice little restaurant for lunch and then I went back to the square to scout out a place to stand. It was a beautiful Florida day, sunny and around 85. I was glad I had worn a tank top because it was hot. I started out in one spot but the heat and the tightness of the crowd made me feel claustrophobic and a little ill so I had to leave and get out of the crowd. After some cold lemonade, I headed back to find another spot. A nice couple let me get close to a fence so I could get some photos.

Glenn’s bus rolled in about 3:30. You could feel the love from the crowd and honestly back from Glenn for the crowd as he made his way to the stage. His face said it all: he was overwhelmed by the welcome and the real people there to see him. He spoke for a long amount of time and the crowd listened intently. Glen laid out his overall plan for next year and announced that he would kick it off with a convention day in Orlando in March. The crowd really loved that! People had driven from all over the state and even from Georgia and as I looked around I saw happy and pleasant people interacting with each other.

Glenn’s staff was great and you could tell they had done the book signing routine before. Glenn signed books so quickly and the line moved smoothly. But here is the thing: even with everyone moving you through and gently pushing your book through for signature, at least with me, Glenn stopped, and looked me straight in the eyes while I told him I was an insider. He reached out his hand and shook mine and said thank you. I of course was thanking him. I really felt that I could see into his soul and what I saw was a genuinely good, decent man that truly believed in his country and was willing to sacrifice to try to save this great country. I saw someone that would stop for just a split second and focus just on me.

Everyone there was grateful for Glenn and his leadership; genuinely thankful for him and concerned for him. I left that day exhausted and facing a 3 hour drive home. I arrived home at 8:30 pm and like I said before: it was worth it. We are living in the most incredible times and people are afraid and angry. I think it helps to be involved in events with other people that feel as you do and to be able to shake the hand of someone that is so committed and so real.

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